[Explanation] Qi Wenhai, 23 years old this year, lives in Ledu District, Haidong City, Qinghai Province. He is engaged in the production of computer accessories locally. While accumulating work experience, he plans to go out to learn advanced technologies in related industries.

In the early morning of February 3, together with 136 returning migrant workers, he boarded the K2188 return-to-work special train to Wuxi.

  [Concurrent] Qi Wenhai, a migrant worker

  Just after the Spring Festival, we are about to embark on the journey of going out to work in a hurry. I know that the workers here will have a lot of regrets, but this year's journey of working has made my heart very warm.

This time, we have arranged a special train for returning to work, which not only reduces our financial burden, but also reduces our psychological burden of going out to work.

  [Explanation] The reporter saw that under the arrangement of the station staff, the first batch of Haidong City returnees who went to Wuxi to return to work were entering the station, checking tickets, waiting for the train, and boarding the train.

At the same time, a special person went to Wuxi City together to go deep into the employing enterprises for labor service docking, so as to realize the precise service of "going out of the house, getting in the car door, getting off the car door, and entering the factory door".

  [Concurrent] Guo Guangxia, Deputy Director of the Human Resources and Social Security Department of Qinghai Province

  In recent years, the human resources and social security departments at all levels in the province have continued to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the eastern provinces by relying on assistance mechanisms such as counterpart aid to youth and cooperation between the east and the west, and have built a docking platform for enterprises outside the province and laborers in our province to help more farmers and friends Going to work in Wuxi, Jiangsu and other eastern provinces and cities, judging from the situation in recent years, the working and living conditions of the people in our province are very good, very good.

It not only increased income and knowledge, but also improved the living standard of the family, and laid a solid foundation for future employment and entrepreneurship when returning home.

  [Explanation] According to statistics, in January this year, Haidong City transferred 117,000 person-times of labor force to and from outside the province, of which 69,000 person-times were transferred outside the province, mainly in Shanghai, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Fujian and other places; inter-regional transfers within the province 22,000 person-times, mainly in Xining, Haidong, Haixi, etc.; 26,000 person-times were transferred nearby.

  [Explanation] On the same day, Haidong City also held the "2023 Spring Breeze Action Employment Assistance Recruitment Month and East-West Labor Service Cooperation Special Session" job fair, covering manufacturing and processing, service industries, transportation and other industries, 64 provinces A total of 7,666 people were recruited for 441 positions in domestic and foreign enterprises.

Among them, 16 enterprises outside the province (Wuxi City) recruited 997 people for 65 positions.

  [Same period] Shen Haizhong, the person in charge of the recruiting company

  Today's job fair is really timely, because after the three years of the epidemic, everyone's work may be affected to some extent. Through our government's organization of this event, it also solved the problem of our company's employment difficulties, and also solved the problem of our job seekers. Finding a job is more difficult.

  [Explanation] The reporter saw at the job fair that most companies posted relevant job information and distributed recruitment brochures to job seekers. Some companies also recruited talents through on-site or off-site live broadcasts.

  [Concurrent] Job seeker Xue Zhonglang

  This job fair brings job fairs in the province and other places (enterprises) to our doorsteps, which makes it easier for those of us who are employed. It is much more convenient than going to Xining to find jobs everywhere.

  [Explanation] It is reported that from January 16 to March 31, Haidong City will organize the 2023 Spring Breeze Action and Employment Assistance Month activities throughout the city, during which 19 online and offline recruitment activities will be held.

  Reporter Zhou Ruichen and Zhang Haiwen report from Qinghai Haidong

Responsible editor: [Ye Pan]