, Hangzhou, February 4th, title: Zhejiang Cultural Tourism Observation: Why did West Lake fall out of the Top 5 popular scenic spots in Zhejiang?

  Reporter Wang Titi

  Recently, the Top 5 list of the most popular scenic spots for the Spring Festival in Zhejiang has been released, and the West Lake Scenic Area in Hangzhou, which "dominated" the Spring Festival tourism market in previous years, has been squeezed out of the top 5.

Tourists tour the West Lake by paddle boat.

Photo by Wang Gang

  The famous ones on the list are: Hengdian Film and Television City, Nanxi River Scenic Area in Yongjia County, Taizhou Fucheng Cultural Tourism Area in Taizhou City, Mount Putuo Scenic Area and Wuzhen Scenic Area in Tongxiang City.

  The cultural landscape of West Lake is a world cultural heritage.

According to the 2022 Douyin data report, the West Lake Scenic Spot ranks first among the top ten most popular scenic spots.

  So, why did the number of tourists received by the West Lake Scenic Spot drop out of the Top 5 list of popular scenic spots in Zhejiang during the Spring Festival this year?

  The reporter learned from many sources that the West Lake Scenic Spot was squeezed out of the top five popular scenic spots in Zhejiang due to changes and differences in the standards and methods of tourist volume statistics.

  According to Zhou Yongguang, deputy director of the Tourism Research Institute of Zhejiang University, tourism statistics are indeed difficult for open scenic spots like West Lake.

For example, for the Spring Festival tourism data of Nanyang, Henan and Xiangyang, Hubei this year, Xiangyang counts 580,000 ticket visitors, while Nanyang counts global tourism data, which exceeds 9.38 million.

The actual situation is that many Nanyang people go to Xiangyang to travel and celebrate the New Year, and some netizens ridicule "Nanyang earns money, Xiangyang consumes".

  Although tourism statistics are a difficult point for open scenic spots, Zhou Yongguang believes that from another perspective, it also reflects that scenic spots and scenic spots in various parts of Zhejiang have tried their best before the Spring Festival, innovatively planning activities that meet the consumption needs of tourists, and launching more diverse activities. , A more distinctive consumption experience.

This is worth paying attention to in the West Lake Scenic Area.

  As he said, the reporter also observed that during the Spring Festival holiday this year, scenic spots and scenic spots all over Zhejiang are making great efforts to launch distinctive festival activities.

During the Spring Festival this year, there was an endless stream of tourists on the Broken Bridge of West Lake.

Photo by Wang Gang

  Take Hengdian World Studios in the Top 5 list as an example.

During the Spring Festival this year, all major scenic spots in Hengdian Film and Television City launched wonderful spring-themed activities based on the characteristics of the scenic spots, realizing the transformation of tourism experience from "visit here" to "in-depth experience".

For example, "Song Rhyme Jiangnan Hengdian Lantern Festival" in Dream Valley, "Song Chao Prosperity Leads the Elegance" in Qingming Riverside Scene, and "Gong Xi Fa Cai Awakens the Lion Fighting for Hegemony" in Guangzhou Street Hong Kong Street, etc., allowing tourists to "immerse" in the scenic spots.

  Another example is the Nanxi River Scenic Area in Yongjia County. During the Spring Festival this year, the traditional folk customs of this scenic area returned to the main line. The folk customs activities such as dragon dance and fish lantern dance in Fenglin Shengzhimen Street, Yantou Furong Ancient Village and other places returned to the bustle.

  In addition, Yongjia Academy, Caihong Bay Scenic Spot, Nanxijiang Aviation Flight Camp and other major scenic spots in the scenic area also planned the first Hanfu Plum Blossom Festival, light show, aviation carnival and other experience activities, and sent tickets and bought tickets by forwarding The one-for-one method has increased publicity and marketing, attracting tourists from all over the country.

  Like most scenic spots in Zhejiang, the West Lake Scenic Area has also introduced preferential policies for the Spring Festival stalls. The West Lake Scenic Area has introduced free admission measures from New Year's Day to the end of March.

  However, it is not enough to rely on free tickets to boost the tourism industry.

Experience is the core value of tourism.

  In order to enhance the experience of tourists in the West Lake Scenic Area, during the Spring Festival, the West Lake Scenic Area also planned some New Year-themed activities, such as the Spring Festival blessing check-in at the Six Harmonies Pagoda, and the "rabbit" leaping forward in the Shuangfeng Pavilion of the China Tea Museum-Tea Altar Blessings and Jade Rabbit Outing——Tea ordering experience by masters, Hangzhou Zoo (Children's Park)'s New Year theme activities of "Hundred Beasts' Song' Blessing, Cute Rabbits Welcome Spring", etc.

  In Zhou Yongguang's view, West Lake has a long-standing reputation, but tourism still focuses on sightseeing and lacks experience. Even if there is planning and experience, it also focuses on the thinking of middle-aged and elderly people, which is not attractive enough to young people, especially "Generation Z". The West Lake scenic spot cannot be simple in terms of innovation and creativity. "Lying" on the traditional poetic and picturesque, you need to show the courage of Chengdu and Changsha to launch fashionable and cutting-edge projects to enrich the experience of tourists. This is a question worth thinking about after falling out of the Top 5 popular scenic spots in Zhejiang this year.