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  Recently, members of video website platforms have been frequently exposed to chaos.

Many consumers have reported that some website platforms "routine" consumers recharge members, but the corresponding rights and interests are difficult to be guaranteed.

Standardizing the charges for online audio-visual services and making the membership system more fair, reasonable and transparent has become an urgent problem for the online video industry to solve.

  "You need to make up the price difference to unsubscribe from a '1 yuan member'" "You need to recharge a more expensive member to unblock your account"... Recently, member chaos on video website platforms has been frequently exposed.

Many consumers have reported that some website platforms "routine" consumers recharge members, but the corresponding rights and interests are difficult to be guaranteed.

  In recent years, online video content has been continuously enriched, equipment and terminals have become increasingly diverse, and video website platforms have various "value-added services" and "income-increasing projects".

In the past, various rights and services that consumers could enjoy after recharging have evolved into a complex membership level and growth system.

Many consumers feel that watching video programs is becoming more and more troublesome, and more and more content needs to be paid.

Standardizing the charges for online audio-visual services and making the membership system more fair, reasonable and transparent has become an urgent problem for the online video industry to solve.

  The membership system is complicated, and the recharge "routines" are full

  Recently, some consumers have reported that after logging in to 3 devices with iQIYI’s annual fee membership account, the account is blocked, and if you want to unblock it, you have to recharge a more expensive member.

"If you want to unblock it, you have to become a member. You can simply say that you have to pay to unblock it." Many netizens were in an uproar.

  iQiyi responded that due to technical reasons, some users jumped to the wrong page when they clicked on the unblocking page. Users can unblock by changing their passwords by themselves, and there is no need to recharge more expensive members to unblock.

However, many netizens are not convinced by this explanation.

  Another video website platform, Youku, also caused controversy because of membership issues.

Many consumers reported that when recharging Youku membership, the page pops up the "Youku Monthly Savings" activity interface, and after paying 1 yuan, the default contract is for one year.

Except for the first month, 12 yuan will be automatically deducted every month.

Xiao Ke from Ankang, Shaanxi, told the reporter: "I don't have a long-term membership requirement. I just wanted to follow a popular drama. After watching it, I chose to terminate my participation in the event early, but I immediately received a reminder to deduct 24 yuan."

  Youku responded that this is a member discount product launched by Youku, and the relevant page has clearly informed the rules of the event.

If you withdraw early, you need to refund the membership fee of 25 yuan per month to enjoy the discount.

However, many consumers believe that the platform has not clearly informed that the default one-year contract is an overlord clause.

  In addition, each video platform has set up different levels of membership system, and has made different restrictions on the equipment used to watch the video, screen projection, clarity and other aspects of rights and interests.

  Membership is getting more and more expensive, but benefits are being discounted

  In recent years, membership fees on video website platforms have been rising.

According to reports, since 2020, some video platforms have raised member prices many times, and even gold VIP members have continuously increased their monthly subscriptions by more than 60%.

Although membership fees are rising, many consumers report that membership benefits are being discounted.

  Dong Hao, a Beijing resident, complained to the reporter that although most of the video sites use gimmicks such as "free ads" and "members skip ads", they can only remove or skip the ads before the feature film is played, but they cannot really avoid the trouble of ads.

"After signing up as a member, a VIP exclusive recommendation is inserted at the beginning of the video, which must be closed manually. Sometimes one or two pop up in the play, what is the difference between this and a non-member?"

  Membership does not mean that you can watch dramas at will, and members of some film and television works also have to pay extra.

Dong Hao said that he and many of his friends have encountered the problem of "members still need to pay for purchases".

"Some new films in theaters require a separate payment to watch. The fee ranges from 2 yuan to 10 yuan, and it is only valid within 48 hours."

  In addition, some video sites "talking doesn't count" also make members feel miserable.

According to reports, a popular drama originally promised to update 6 episodes of member-only episodes every week, but the video platform suddenly updated only 3 episodes a week due to "media reasons".

  It is easy to become a member, but difficult to cancel it.

The reporter found that on some video website platforms, in the user's "personal center" page, the option of "renew immediately" is very prominent, but the option of "cancel automatic renewal" is hidden deep.

The "automatic renewal" set by some video website platforms can only be canceled through a third-party payment platform.

  The membership system needs to be standardized, and self-discipline and supervision need to be strengthened urgently

  An industry insider told reporters that in recent years, the number of paid members of video website platforms has grown slowly, and sometimes even decreased.

In addition, the market share of the short video industry has been squeezed, which has had a great impact on traditional video website platforms.

In order to reverse this situation, many video website platforms have taken great pains in terms of "Nuggets" members.

  The competition and development of video website platforms cannot be calculated by consumers.

According to Chen Zhongyun, a professor at the China University of Political Science and Law, the fundamental reason why many video platforms "pit" members is that the platform lacks high-quality content and cannot retain more users.

"Whether it is a disguised price increase or various routine-style induced recharges, it is not conducive to the long-term development of the platform. Only deep cultivation of content is the kingly way." Chen Zhongyun said.

  Regarding the current member chaos on the video website platform, Xiong Chao, a lawyer from Beijing Jingshi Law Firm, believes that most of the video membership service agreements are standard contracts.

According to the provisions of the contract law, if there are clauses in the standard contract that obviously aggravate the other party's liability, mitigate and exempt one's own liability, then the clause should be deemed invalid and has no legal effect.

Consumers' right to know, right to choose, and right to fair trade should be guaranteed.

  Xiong Chao suggested that video website platforms should strengthen self-discipline, and relevant departments should strengthen supervision.

In particular, it is necessary to strengthen the review of the legality and compliance of the membership agreement, whether the service content is comprehensive and authentic, and whether it is suspected of inducing consumption.

Corresponding standards must be introduced to regulate the membership system and punish platforms that violate laws and regulations.

  Liu Bing