At the time of returning home, the returning team arrives, and the "empty-nest pet" waits for the owner's return.

  The Spring Festival has ignited the "holiday economy", and new business formats are gradually showing vitality, and the pet economy is one of them.

With the popularity of the concept of refined pet keeping, the pet New Year's goods market has become a gold nugget.

  The Beijing News Shell Finance reporter combed through the data of multiple e-commerce platforms and found that in the boom of pet consumption, pet staple food has become a must-have for Chinese New Year, pet New Year’s Eve dinner has become a new sales star, pet snack sales have increased greatly, and pet smart devices have become a concern for "empty-nest pets". "Artifact.

  In addition to bringing pets home, foster care, door-to-door services, and pet smart devices have also become popular choices this Spring Festival.

  "Feeding cats at home is 50 yuan an hour, which is safer than putting them in a pet store." Maomao (pseudonym), who works in Beijing, tried to provide cat feeding services at home this Spring Festival. The packaged service includes feeding food, changing water, cleaning up excrement, and playing with him for ten minutes .

  Maomao said that consumers are satisfied and pets have passed the Spring Festival holiday safely.

50 yuan is not much, counting the toll and service time, some people charge more than 100 yuan for a single service.

  According to the iiMedia Consulting report, the size of China's pet market in 2020 will be 295.3 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 33.5%. It is estimated that by 2023, the market size of China's pet industry will reach 592.8 billion yuan.

Pet owners don't hesitate to pay for their pets, and the entire industry chain of the pet economy is heading for the wind.

Spend money on pets, unambiguously

  During the rare reunion during the Chinese New Year, many young people choose to bring their pets home.

  "Because of my cat, I chose to drive home." Xiao Jiang works in Beijing and returned to her hometown in Cangzhou this year during the Chinese New Year. She prepared cat bags, cat clothes, cat snacks, and pee mats in advance to prepare for the pet's travel needs.

  Statistics show that on the eve of the Spring Festival, searches for cat bags in Tmall supermarkets surged by 60% month-on-month.

To celebrate the New Year with pets, pet New Year’s Eve dinner, pet cleaning products, and new pet clothes are essential. The sales of pet New Year’s Eve dinner on Tmall Supermarket increased by 20% year-on-year, the sales of cleaning products increased by 20% year-on-year, and the sales of New Year’s clothing increased by 50% year-on-year .

  Pet consumption is on the rise.

Since January, the search volume on Taobao for "pet New Year's Eve dinner" has increased by 42 times month-on-month.

During the Spring Festival, the search volume of cat couplets exceeded 100 million in a single day.

In addition, pet owners in different regions also have different shopping preferences.

According to data from, Guangdong, Beijing, Zhejiang, Shanghai, and Sichuan are the areas with the largest sales of pet products; Shandong purchases the most pet consignment services, becoming the "2023 pet Spring Festival province"; Beijing purchases the most pet toys, Hubei purchases the most pet snacks, and Hebei purchases the most of pet owners buy the most pet grooming and grooming products.

  Taking pets home, pet consignment is also popular.

According to data from, sales of pet consignment services increased by 95% month-on-month, flight cases and portable bags increased by 72%, and pet travel equipment such as pet travel cups, trainers, and bark stoppers are selling well.

  With the popularity of the concept of refined pet keeping, the pet New Year's goods market is developing in a more diversified direction.

The Beijing News Shell Finance combed through the consumption trends of multiple e-commerce platforms and found that, in addition to the sharp increase in sales of pet staple food, New Year’s Eve dinners, and snacks, the sales of pet travel equipment have "suddenly sprung up", the sales of pet care products have reached a new high, and pet New Year atmosphere products are selling well.

  "I bought some rabbit year snacks and rabbit-shaped dog clothes online. The sense of ritual is very important to me, and my dog ​​has to celebrate the festival with me." Zhang Anan (pseudonym) told reporters that his dog has been with him for five years , Being a pet is also a part of life, and he has never been ambiguous about spending money on pets.

  Shang Lin, head of Tmall pet cat and dog supplies and aquarium small pet industry, told the Beijing News Shell Finance reporter that the consumption development trend of the pet industry is "two-way friendship". The difference in demand brought about also needs to meet the needs of pet owners themselves for a higher quality and more convenient life.



empty nest", the quality of alternative companionship varies

  At the end of the Spring Festival holiday, Wang Xiao returned to Beijing again. She opened the door with trepidation and found that the two cats who were celebrating the New Year alone in Beijing had not "ransacked the house". , This cat litter box that automatically shovels feces is quite easy to use.”

  Different from those who can bring their pets home, there are still some people who choose to keep their pets in the local area for the New Year, so technology products are naturally sought after.

Statistics show that in the week before the Spring Festival, searches for smart cat litter boxes, drinking water machines, and monitoring equipment on Tmall Supermarket increased by 50 times.

According to data from, during the Spring Festival, sales of pet smart toilets increased by 66% year-on-year, and automatic feeders and automatic water dispensers increased by 157% and 62% respectively.

  The "2022 China Pet Consumption Insight Report" shows that pet products are becoming more and more intelligent, creating the aesthetics of human pet life.

The market penetration rate of pet smart products has been steadily increasing. Among the many categories of products, drinking fountains, cameras, and feeders are the three most preferred products, and they are favored by pet owners.

  Huang Jingyao, the relevant person in charge of the Hörmann Brand Department, told the Beijing News Shell Finance reporter that pet smart products are not just a tool, they are related to life, pet families, and all behaviors of pets.

Pet owners not only need to provide the best life for their pets, but also provide emotional value. When owners cannot accompany their pets, they will place their hopes on a technological product.

  As a senior lover of pet smart products, Lin Zixing (pseudonym) is very dependent on pet smart products. It will be more broken than manual cleaning of pet feces before." She said that some pet smart products are of worrying quality, and the automatic cat litter box she bought has broken down twice within a year, which has brought a lot of trouble to life. "It's like A thing slowly invades your life and then suddenly disappears."

  Lin Zixing's smart water dispenser also broke down suddenly during the Spring Festival. "The smart device showed that the water level suddenly didn't change. I immediately called my friend to go home and found that the water dispenser was broken. I suspected that my cat had been drinking toilet water for several days." ".

  After more than 20 years of development, China's pet industry is in a period of rapid expansion.

Shang Lin believes that intelligence is a very deterministic development trend of the pet industry, and it is related to two main aspects: category and brand.

At present, the leading brands of the entire pet smart track in China are Chinese brands.

In fact, this is inseparable from the development of domestic industrial technology and the in-depth research of domestic businesses on the pet industry.

The new generation of pet owners themselves grew up in the context of the Internet, so they are more comfortable with the use of new technologies, and at the same time are willing to allocate their time on more interesting things, and need the help of intelligence to free their hands.

  It cannot be ignored that there is still room for improvement in the quality of pet smart products and the market share is low. Brands in the pet industry that focus on pet rations have relatively received more financing.

Wang Minjun, chief marketing officer of Shanghai Lianchong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (CATLINK), said that pet rations have a high repurchase rate, and once a pet likes it, pet owners are unlikely to change it. Changing pets too frequently can also cause gastrointestinal problems, so pets The volume of rations will be very large. In contrast, pet smart products still have a lot of room for development.

Manpower + technology has become a new trend, and the pet

economy has


a period of rapid development

  Li Yang (pseudonym) chose the door-to-door cat feeding service during the Spring Festival holiday. In his opinion, it is okay to find friends to take care of pets, but the cost of favors and taxi fares is much higher than the cost of buying professional door-to-door feeding services.

  "Money transactions are easier than favor transactions, and it is easy to be held accountable if something goes wrong."

Xiaowei (pseudonym) has tried to buy door-to-door feeding services or pet store foster care. "Although the price is a bit more expensive, the service is good and acceptable, and I will continue to use similar services."

The Beijing News Shell Finance reporter learned from an interview that several self-employed individuals who provide door-to-door cat feeding services have earned more than 10,000 yuan a month.

  The Beijing News Shell Finance reporter learned that in addition to feeding cats at home, many pet owners will choose foster care during the Spring Festival migration.

At present, pet hotels, pet stores and other businesses on the market provide pet foster care services, which are more expensive than door-to-door cat feeding services, including iron cage foster care, pet locker foster care, hotel room foster care, and environmental cameras, disinfection machines, etc.

  The reporter visited and saw that some businesses even provided "luxury fish viewing rooms" for pet cats.

At present, in Chaoyang, Dongcheng, Haidian, Fengtai and other places in Beijing, pet boarding fees range from 68 yuan to 398 yuan a day, mostly for cats and dogs.

  "All the foster care places in our base were fully booked on the eve of the Spring Festival. During the Spring Festival, there were 500 pets in our base, basically dogs and cats. Now pet owners are willing to spend money for their pets."

The person in charge of a foster care base in Beijing said.

  "Since 2020, people have more scenes and time at home, and labor costs have increased. We have been thinking about whether technology has become more valuable?" Huang Jingyao said that the company has been working hard to build a scene for home pet smart products. , and all products are not just tools, "We want it to form a full life cycle pet care solution linked to pet custody, pet behavior analysis, etc. This is also the direction we have been working hard to research. Step by step, not so fast."

  The above report shows that in 2021, there will be 58.06 million pet cats and 54.29 million pet dogs in the Chinese market, with a market size of 249 billion yuan.

Pet medical treatment has become the second largest market in the pet economy after food; and diagnosis and treatment, with a penetration rate of 75.8% of pet consumption, has become the track with the highest proportion in the pet medical category.

  The Zhongtai Securities Research Report pointed out that according to the difference in the degree of core driving force, the development of the (pet) industry can be divided into three stages: the period of quantity growth, the period of quality improvement and the period of accelerated development. The next period of explosive growth in the pet industry comes from actual The accelerated development period is driven by the dual drive of pet owners and effective payment ability.

  In view of the current development of China's pet market, Zhongtai Securities stated that in the pet industry, the characteristics of domestic enterprises have initially emerged, and irregular enterprises, multi-brand strategic enterprises, channel construction-oriented and content-oriented enterprises are mixed.

From the perspective of development stage, the domestic market is currently in the stage of no brand competition, and channel capability is the key to the success of enterprises in the current stage.

After entering the stage of multi-brand competition and big brand competition in the future, companies with strong product capabilities are expected to achieve considerable development.

  Wei Wei, vice president and co-founder of Xiaopei Network Technology Co., Ltd., told the Beijing News Shell Finance reporter that the next opportunity for the explosion of the pet smart industry is in the direction of interaction and entertainment, and the specific usage scenarios will be in the field of dog supplies. The market share has just surpassed that of dogs in China, and the market share of dogs is relatively high. The interactive scenes of dogs change more, and the demand for scenes will be stronger, so I am more optimistic about dog products.”

  The CITIC Construction Investment Research Report believes that the development of China's pet economy is at a high level of prosperity.

As the Engel coefficient of pet consumption continues to decline, the trend of pet consumption upgrades is rising. In the future, the proportion of consumption such as pet diagnosis and treatment, pet supplies, pet nutrition and health care, and pet services is expected to continue to rise.

The domestic pet industry is still developing at a high speed, and the fundamentals have not changed. We are optimistic about the long-term development of China's pet industry.