China News Service, February 3rd (China News Finance and Economics Ge Cheng) After the Spring Festival holiday, the oil price will rise again?

At 24:00 on February 3, a new round of domestic refined oil price adjustment window will open.

This round is the third price adjustment in 2023. Affected by changes in international oil prices, the agency predicts that this round of domestic refined oil prices may show an upward trend.

Data map: gas station.

Photo by Ge Cheng, Sino-Singapore Finance and Economics

  "Since this pricing cycle, international crude oil has bottomed out and stabilized from the previous decline, and has rebounded slightly. Affected by this, the domestic reference crude oil rate of change continues to fluctuate." Wang Lu, an oil product analyst at Zhuo Chuang Information In Qing's view, the current round of refined oil retail price increases has a high probability.

  According to Wang Luqing's analysis, the current round of international oil price rise is mainly affected by two factors, namely, the weak U.S. dollar index and the strong support for most commodities; and the market remains optimistic about the recovery of demand in the Asia-Pacific region under the expectation of a series of favorable policies.

  According to agency estimates, as of the ninth working day of the round of product oil price adjustment cycle on February 2, the average price of reference crude oil is US$82.90 per barrel, with a change rate of 5.21%

. Gasoline and diesel are raised by about 0.18 yuan per liter


  "In the market outlook, international crude oil may maintain a range-bound trend, and the news may maintain positive guidance." According to Bi Mingxin, an oil analyst at Jinlianchuang, international oil prices will continue to rise amidst fluctuations in the future.