Bank of Japan Deputy Governor Wakatabe, whose term will expire next month, held talks with local economic officials in Shizuoka on the 2nd, and emphasized the importance of maintaining the current price target of 2%.

Regarding the price target of 2%, a joint statement signed by the government and the Bank of Japan 10 years ago stated that it would be "achieved as soon as possible." It has not been realized, and there are calls for a review as the term of office of the governor and deputy governor of the Bank of Japan approaches.

Regarding this, Bank of Japan Deputy Governor Wakatabe said at a round-table conference with the local business community held in Shizuoka City, "Blurring the price stability target will make the target that monetary policy should pursue vague, and the "There is a danger that it could undermine policy transparency and even policy effectiveness."

Deputy Governor Wakatabe said at a press conference held after the meeting, "I think the price target for 2013 and beyond is sufficiently clear."

Furthermore, regarding the large-scale monetary easing that has been pushed forward under Governor Kuroda, he said, "We have continued easing while taking care of side effects as needed. Overall, the effects have outweighed the side effects." emphasized achievements.