The so-called 'Villa King' is just the tail end of the charter fraud criminal ecosystem.

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Misunderstandings and truth surrounding 'Villa King'

The Villa King, the Villa God, the Villa Emperor, the Villa King…

It is a name given to landlords who made the tenants shed tears by not returning the deposit after collecting hundreds or thousands of tin houses through speculation without capital.

In October of last year, when Mr. Kim, who owned 1,139 houses, died, the name 'Villa King' became widely known.

Since then, whenever charter scammers appeared, media outlets created new modifiers, but as charter scammers appear in large numbers, it is now difficult for reporters to distinguish who is who.

So, for those who are confused about who the villa king is and how charter scams make money, I've organized it.

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Who were they before they became 'King Villa'?

"Riding the Maybach, spending over 10 million won on alcohol"...

There was a lot of interest in what they did after becoming the so-called 'Villa King', but not about who they were in our society before that.

However, in order to find a solution to the crime of charter fraud rather than just consuming it as the suffering of others, we must first face where they came from and where they are headed.

It is estimated that it was in 2020 that Mr. Kim, the king of the villa who died as the king of the villa in the middle of voice phishing, jumped into the crime of charter fraud in earnest.

He has transferred the title of over 370 houses in the last 2020 alone.

In 2020, the corporation named '○○ Housing' was established.

If so, what did he do before that?

In 2019, just a year ago, he was investigated by an investigative agency after providing an account to a voice phishing gang.

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What is the identity of this person who was connected to the 'Villa King'?

Where is a place that is not far from downtown areas such as Yeouido and Gwanghwamun in Seoul, but has relatively low rental rates, more new villas than construction, and a relatively low possibility of reconstruction/redevelopment?

In addition, Mr. Kim, the 'Villa King' who died after owning 1,139 villas, Mr. Kang, who was recently arrested for owning 283 villas, and 'three mothers and daughters' who stole 29.8 billion won from 136 tenants.

Where were they mainly active?

The answer to both questions is the same.

This is Hwagok-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul.

However, the job of the 'Villa King', a charter scammer in Hwagok-dong, was a 'day laborer'.

There was one person who helped a day laborer become the 'Villa King' in Hwagok-dong...

In the third soup, we look at the identity of 'this person' who is connected to the 'Villa King'.

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The man behind 'The Villa King' returned as the owner of the building

Mr. Kang, the original Hwagok-dong villa king, owns 283 villas in Hwagok-dong, Seoul and commits charter fraud by not returning the deposit to the tenants.

However, behind Mr. Kang, there was Mr. Cho, a real estate agent.

However, after the related report, a report came.

It was the content that Mr. Cho, who disappeared in 2019 when the damage of charter fraud began to break out in Hwagok-dong, Seoul, was still carrying out charter fraud.

The place where Mr. Cho, who disappeared, returned again, was also 'Hwagok-dong'.

In 2019, disappearing from Hwagok-dong According to the real estate industry officials, Mr. Cho disappeared from Hwagok-dong around the spring and summer of 2019.

This is the point at which the damage from the first-generation charter scam began to rise to the surface.

The original Hwagok-dong villawang Kang victims are also on the verge of suing the investigative agency.

At this time, Mr. Cho closes the Hope Real Estate he was running.

He even puts up a note announcing the closure of the tenants he brokered.

He said, 'There was an accident in which Mr. Kang could not act as a landlord,' and he said, 'I am preparing to close the business because I am embarrassed and having a hard time.'

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The charter scam grew up eating guarantee insurance

The charter fraud crime, which started in Hwagok-dong, Gangseo-gu in 2015, takes advantage of the absence of supervisory authorities and related regulations to spread throughout the metropolitan area and transform generations.

The second-generation charter scammers beyond Hwagok-dong are pants owners wearing the mask of a rental business, and an individual transfers the title of over 1,000 houses without spending a penny, and is called 'king' or 'god' and recovers to tenants. It does damage that is hard to do.

If so, what is the background that allowed charter fraud to evolve in terms of scale and method?

Inside the industry, Housing City Guarantee Corporation and HUG's deposit guarantee insurance are cited as one of the evolutionary factors.

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Who laid the plate on the malicious landlord?

Looking at the articles pouring in about 'Villa King', it feels like the charter fraud situation has already been resolved.

However, King Villa is just the tail end of the criminal ecosystem of charter scams.

It means that it is difficult to solve the problem by punishing a few villa kings.

In order to understand the actual state of charter fraud, we analyzed the timing of purchases of 49 malicious lessors of more than 100 houses who did not return the deposit.

As a result, it was confirmed that malicious landlords rapidly increased the number of houses by exploiting loopholes in the rental business policy introduced by the government in 2017.

The charter fraud crisis started from the government's policy failure.

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