, January 29. According to news from Shanghai’s WeChat public account on the 29th, in order to fully implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the Central Economic Work Conference, implement the deployment of the 12th Municipal Party Congress and the 2nd Plenary Session of the 12th Municipal Party Committee , firmly grasp the primary task of high-quality development, vigorously boost market expectations and confidence, and promote economic and social development. "Action plan").

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The "Action Plan" focuses on "three efforts":

  The first is to focus on stabilizing expectations and boosting confidence.

With the continuous optimization of epidemic prevention and control measures, the accelerated recovery of the economy is facing new opportunities and new situations. It is necessary to seize the windows and opportunities of economic recovery, vigorously boost market expectations and confidence, and fully stimulate the vitality of various market players.

  The second is to focus on helping companies bail out in stages.

During the transition period of epidemic prevention and control measures, some industries and enterprises still face more difficulties, and there are still some staged bottlenecks and structural obstacles in promoting the overall improvement of economic operation. , Expand and optimize the implementation of policies to help enterprises bail out, launch and implement a number of major projects and major activities, and help enterprises overcome staged difficulties.

  The third is to focus on promoting high-quality development.

Formulate and implement incremental policies to expand demand, strengthen the main body, and increase momentum, fully release the potential of domestic demand, enhance scientific and technological innovation capabilities, improve the resilience and security level of the industrial chain and supply chain, strengthen element service guarantees, create a world-class business environment, and promote economic operation The overall improvement has achieved an effective improvement in quality and a reasonable increase in quantity.

  The "Action Plan" highlights the two-wheel drive of "policy + action", focuses on supporting the development of enterprises with greater efforts, expands demand and strengthens supply with more concrete measures, and consolidates support and guarantee at a higher level. A total of ten actions and 32 policies have been launched measure.

With greater efforts to help enterprises develop, two actions are launched:

  First, implement rescue actions to help enterprises.

Specifically, it includes three items: First, comprehensively implement various tax and fee preferential policies, including reducing and exempting value-added tax for small-scale taxpayers, refunding the amount of incremental value-added tax credits in full on a monthly basis, exempting the purchase tax of new energy vehicles, and reducing and exempting "six Taxes and fees", halving non-resident users' over-quota progressive increase in water fees, etc.

The second is to carry out deferred repayment of principal and interest and loan renewal services. For mature small and micro enterprise loans that are temporarily in trouble due to the impact of the epidemic, it is encouraged to negotiate a deferred repayment of principal and interest in accordance with market-oriented principles. Deferred loans will normally calculate interest without penalty interest .

The third is to implement loan discounts for small, medium and micro enterprises. The municipal policy financing guarantee fund for small, medium and micro enterprises will continue to charge guarantee fees at 0.5%, and district-level government financing guarantee institutions will be encouraged to continue to halve the guarantee fee rate.

  Second, implement the action of aiding enterprises to stabilize and expand jobs.

Specifically, it includes three items: First, reduce the labor cost of enterprises, including employers who have postponed the payment of social insurance premiums. Before the end of this year, they can pay by installments or monthly, and gradually reduce social insurance premiums such as unemployment and work-related injuries.

The second is to support industries and enterprises to stabilize and expand jobs, and provide a one-time employment subsidy of 2,000 yuan per person to employers who have recruited registered unemployed persons for more than three months or the city's 2023 college graduates who meet relevant conditions.

The third is to support and standardize the development of new employment forms.

Take more concrete measures to expand demand and strengthen supply, and launch five actions:

  First, implement actions to restore and boost consumption.

Specifically, it includes 4 items: First, promote consumption expansion and upgrading, implement incentives and support for the innovative development of the consumer market, and encourage commercial facilities and private brands affiliated to state-owned enterprises to take the lead in carrying out profit-sharing promotions.

The second is to promote bulk consumption such as automobiles and home appliances. Individual consumers will be given a financial subsidy of 10,000 yuan per vehicle for purchasing pure electric vehicles before the end of June this year, and 10% of the payment amount for consumers purchasing green smart home appliances, with a maximum of 1,000 yuan. one-time subsidy.

The third is to fully activate the cultural and tourism market. The urban areas will jointly issue special consumption coupons for cultural tourism, sports, catering, retail, etc., and extensively mobilize e-commerce platforms and various merchants to participate.

The fourth is to support the recovery and revitalization of the convention and exhibition industry. Subsidies will be given to the rent of the foreign economic and technological exhibition held in Shanghai this year, and subsidies will be given to the introduction of exhibition projects certified by authoritative organizations with global influence.

  Second, implement actions to expand effective investment.

Specifically, it includes 4 items: First, carry out global investment promotion activities, hold a series of investment promotion activities such as "Surging Pujiang", Shanghai Global Investment Promotion Conference and Shanghai City Promotion Conference, and organize professional investment promotion teams to go overseas to accurately carry out special investment promotion activities.

The second is to give full play to the leading role of major projects, improve the coordination mechanism, and promote the accelerated construction of major industrial projects, major infrastructure projects, and major livelihood projects.

The third is to comprehensively speed up the transformation of "two old houses and one village", complete sporadic renovation of 120,000 square meters throughout the year, implement complete renovation of 280,000 square meters of old housing, and start 10 "urban village" renovation projects.

The fourth is to make good use of various investment and financing policies and tools, implement the "six votes" overall planning policy for resource factor indicators, and promote the implementation of standardized approvals, parallel approvals, and make up for gaps.

  Third, implement the action of maintaining stability and improving quality of foreign trade.

Specifically, it includes three items: First, support foreign trade companies to grab orders to expand the market, organize foreign trade companies to participate in various domestic and foreign exhibitions, and amplify the spillover and driving effects of the Import Expo.

The second is to give full play to the comprehensive effect of stabilizing foreign trade policies, cancel the filing and registration of foreign trade operators in accordance with national requirements, and optimize the scope of special funds for national foreign economic and trade development and high-quality business development in our city.

The third is to accelerate the development of new types of international trade, and strive to create the first batch of "Silk Road E-commerce" cooperation pilot areas and national service trade innovation and development demonstration areas.

  Fourth, implement the action of increasing the stable stock of foreign capital and improving the quality.

Specifically, it includes three items: First, greater efforts are made to attract and utilize foreign capital, implement the new national catalog of industries that encourage foreign investment, and further promote the comprehensive pilot program of expanding the opening up of the service industry.

The second is to continue to improve the energy level of the headquarters-based economy, implement the newly revised regional headquarters support policies for multinational companies, and cultivate a group of business department headquarters enterprises.

The third is to strengthen service guarantee for major foreign-funded projects.

  Fifth, implement industrial innovation and promotion actions.

Specifically, it includes three items: First, accelerate the cultivation and growth of emerging industrial clusters, formulate a new round of Shanghai plans for the three major industries, implement new tracks and future industrial cluster action plans, and continue to implement preferential interest rate credit discount policies for new infrastructure projects.

The second is to support the accelerated growth of innovative enterprises, and each district will give a reward of no less than 100,000 yuan and 300,000 yuan to the newly identified municipal-level "specialized and special new" small and medium-sized enterprises, and the national-level specialized and special new "little giant" respectively; Measures for the management of the identification and rewards of innovative enterprise headquarters, and accelerate the cultivation of a number of innovative enterprise headquarters in key areas such as the three major industries and the digital economy.

The third is to promote the improvement of quality and efficiency in key industries, formulate and implement a three-year action plan for a new round of technological transformation, and increase the support ceiling for major technological transformation projects in key industries that meet the conditions to 100 million yuan.

Strengthen support and guarantee at a higher level, and launch three actions:

  First, implement actions to create a world-class business environment.

Specifically, it includes 4 items: First, implement the action plan for continuous optimization of the business environment, deepen the national business environment innovation pilot, and launch a batch of reform measures with high gold content and a strong sense of gain for market players in line with the World Bank's new business environment assessment system.

The second is to support the development of private enterprises and platform enterprises, implement policies and measures to promote the development of the private economy and private investment, and guide platform enterprises to enhance their technological innovation capabilities.

The third is to promote the ability of small, medium and micro enterprises to adjust their structure, implement national policies and measures, and gradually increase the reserved share of government procurement projects for small and medium-sized enterprises to more than 40%. The procurement list of enterprises, the implementation of the "joint action" for the integration and innovation of large and medium-sized enterprises, the special action of scientific and technological achievements to empower small and medium-sized enterprises, and the special action of digital empowerment of small and medium-sized enterprises.

The fourth is to carry out large-scale visits to service companies.

  Second, implement actions to strengthen elemental service guarantees.

Specifically, it includes 4 items: First, guarantee the land for high-quality industrial projects, support the accelerated overall start-up of functionally oriented strategic reserved areas, urban linkages, and government-enterprise joint efforts to formulate transformation and upgrading plans for state-owned enterprises with low-efficiency land use.

The second is to strengthen energy and power supply guarantees to ensure safe and orderly energy supply during peak seasons.

The third is to vigorously attract talents, gather talents and retain talents, fully implement various talent plans and policies, and improve housing, education, medical care and other policies and services.

The fourth is to increase financial support to stabilize growth.

  Third, implement leading actions in key areas.

It is mainly to accelerate the implementation of major reform and opening up measures such as Pudong New Area, Lingang New Area, Integrated Demonstration Area, and Hongqiao International Opening Hub; support various districts to give full play to their comparative advantages, combine the main urban area to enhance the central radiation function, build five new cities, and transform development from north to south. Comprehensively promote functional upgrading, industrial innovation and spatial transformation, accelerate structural adjustment and create development advantages.

(China New Finance and Economics)