During the Spring Festival, when most people are still spending time with their families and enjoying a relaxing and happy time, some young people have already started a side job—helping pet owners to take care of the pets left behind during the Spring Festival.

  Can you earn thousands of dollars in just a few days?

After searching for keywords on various social platforms, the reporter found that there are many people who are willing to provide door-to-door pet feeding services. The price of a pet is generally between 30 yuan and 100 yuan. In addition, the service staff also clearly stated that they would accept orders nearby In principle, there will be additional charges in special cases.

  Hot part-time jobs

  Smell "business opportunities" from helping friends take care of pets

  At one o'clock in the afternoon on January 26, Mr. Zhang was driving to the fourth place that needs to take care of left-behind pets today. "Today is already the fifth day of the new year, and many pet owners began to return home one after another today." He told reporters that today he needs to run 5, before he needed to go to 7 or 8 every day.

The best time for business is New Year’s Eve, the first, second, and third day of junior high school. “But I can’t order more than 10 a day, because I’ll be too busy.” From the eve of the Spring Festival to now, Mr. Zhang estimates that his total income is About 2000 yuan.

  Why did you start this part-time job?

Mr. Zhang said that because a friend wanted to go home for the New Year, he needed to send the cat to his house for him to take care of for a few days. Mr. Zhang smelled a business opportunity from it, so he tried to post on the Internet to take care of the cat during the Spring Festival. , "A lot of people came to consult at the beginning, and I didn't have many entertainment activities during the Spring Festival, so I just had time."

  Up to now, Mr. Zhang has taken care of nearly 50 cats.

The door-to-door pet feeding service for cats mainly includes three basic contents: adding new food, replacing new drinking water, and disposing of excrement.

Mr. Zhang introduced that his charging standard is 35 yuan per cat. If the distance is long, some travel expenses will be added, which is about sixty or seventy yuan. “Some customers have more than one cat, maybe four or five. An extra five yuan per piece."

  Compared with taking care of pet cats at home, it may take more time to take care of pet dogs at home, because it has an extra step of walking the dog.

Xiao Li, a freshman, told the reporter that she has a small Shiba Inu that needs to be taken care of in her order, which is very active. "Every time I walk it, I am very excited and rush forward." Such a "naughty" dog , after discussing with the pet owner, she will increase the price by 10 yuan on the basis of the original 30 yuan a pet.

  In addition to the demand for additional dog food, some pet owners also request to prepare special New Year’s Eve meals for their dogs during the Spring Festival. Cook a pot."

  The reporter also learned that turtles, fish, and birds also have a need for door-to-door feeding.

Ms. Chen told reporters that during the Spring Festival, she took three orders, each of which cost 30 yuan to feed a cat, a turtle and a fish.

She said that it does not take much time to take care of the turtles and fish. In addition to feeding, the service also needs to change the water and add water.

  high demand

  Platform: The peak season list is simply endless

  Pet Master is a pet service platform that specializes in home foster care, door-to-door feeding, and pet consignment. Mr. Lin, the relevant person in charge, told reporters that during the Spring Festival, there were about two to three thousand orders for door-to-door care of pets issued on the platform in the Chengdu area. But we only send out thousands of orders, and sometimes there are not so many merchants (door-to-door pet care teams) to take orders.” It is understood that this phenomenon of short supply will appear every holiday, “Usually ask for a list of door-to-door pet care Not that much."

  Mr. Lin also told the reporter that the current charges in Chengdu are not too high compared to those in Hangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other cities. The general charges are between 30 yuan and 100 yuan. The price of Brado will be higher, around seventy or eighty."

  Mr. Lin said that since these orders are issued by pet owners themselves on the platform, the pricing is sometimes quite subjective. The service provider will also put forward more detailed requirements, such as being with the pet carefully for half an hour, and often comforting the pet's emotions.

The reporter learned that the Spring Festival is the time of year when the door-to-door pet feeding industry has the greatest demand.

Mr. Lin said that more and more office workers now like to keep pets, but it is inconvenient for them to bring their pets with them when they go home for the Spring Festival or travel.

Why is door-to-door feeding service more and more popular now?

Mr. Lin told reporters that compared with sending pets to pet shops, door-to-door feeding services can avoid cross-infection in pet shops. "And during the Spring Festival, pet shops charge hundreds of yuan, and they can take care of pets. The space for activities is limited.”

  Not only that, Mr. Lin also told reporters that pets like cats are prone to stress reactions in new environments, such as fear, anxiety, and not eating... "A customer sent a pet to a foster family during the Spring Festival last year, and nothing happened for 7 days. I didn’t eat, only drank some water, so this year’s Spring Festival decisively chose the door-to-door feeding service.”

  How to ensure the safety of home feeding?

Pet cat owner Tang Yuan said that with the continuous maturity and refinement of the pet industry, she can feel that the door-to-door feeding service has become more complete and safer.

First of all, the identity of the feeder will be verified, and information such as ID photo and home address will generally be sent to the customer.

Secondly, during the service process, there will be a full video call or a video of the whole process from entering the house to leaving the house and sending it to the customer.

In addition, there will be health and safety guarantees such as wearing shoe covers and gloves.

  Mr. Lin said that pet owners now generally adopt methods such as changing the combination lock password and shooting videos throughout the process to avoid the risk of entering the house.

  Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News Du Yuquan Xu Ting Lu Jiayu