As the United States strengthens export controls on advanced semiconductors and related manufacturing equipment to China, the government is considering export controls with China in mind.

In the future, we plan to coordinate within the government regarding specific target items.

Regarding semiconductors, the Biden administration of the United States announced in October last year that it would tighten export controls to China for advanced semiconductors and manufacturing equipment that can be diverted to the development of weapons of mass destruction and military systems, and will cooperate with Japan and other countries. I am asking for

Under these circumstances, the US government held discussions in Washington, D.C., the capital, by the 27th with Japan and the Netherlands, which have a large share of semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Although the details of the talks have not been disclosed, it is believed that they discussed export restrictions on cutting-edge semiconductors and manufacturing equipment, and the Japanese government is also considering export restrictions with China and other countries in mind.

Export control of industrial products is based on the Foreign Exchange Law = Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law.

When exporting products that can be diverted to military use, permission from the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry is required, and in the future we will coordinate specific target items.

However, in addition to the impact on manufacturers who will not be able to export to China due to the new regulations, we are planning to proceed with careful consideration as we anticipate a backlash from the Chinese side.