, January 28th. The official Weibo of Beihai Market Supervision announced on the 28th the investigation and handling of "4 dishes worth 1,500 yuan". He was slaughtered for "1,500 yuan for 4 dishes".

After paying attention to the incident, Beihai City attached great importance to it and immediately organized law enforcement personnel to investigate and deal with it.

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  After contacting the consumer himself, his group of 4 people visited a park in Beihai City on the evening of January 24, 2023, and were introduced by a taxi driver to the "Qiaogang Fishing Village Food" restaurant for dinner. In the case of seafood and no understanding of seafood, the owner recommended four kinds of seafood on the spot and quickly weighed and slaughtered them in person.

The order is signed by the consumer himself for confirmation.

Among them: 3.8 catties of spicy fried snails, the unit price is 168 yuan/catties, and the amount is 638 yuan; steamed grouper grouper (marked by the store as "Longding") 3.1 catties, the unit price is 168 yuan/catties, and the amount is 520 yuan; 3.5 catties of horseshoe snails , the unit price is 68 yuan/catties, and the amount is 238 yuan; the fried concubine snail is 3.7 catties, the unit price is 48 yuan/catties, and the amount is 177 yuan.

The 4 seafood dishes totaled 1,573 yuan, plus the rice and paper towels cost 14 yuan. The actual consumption totaled 1,587 yuan, and the store received 1,500 yuan.

  After investigation, the store has obtained legal qualifications such as the "Business License" and "Food Business License", and the name of the certificate is "Overseas Chinese Harbor Seafood Processing City, Yinhai District, Beihai City".

The electronic scale used in the store has passed the inspection and is valid until January 12, 2024. The electronic scale was tested on-site, and the results showed that the scale met the requirements of relevant specifications.

  All the seafood products in the seafood pool of the store are clearly marked with prices. The prices of the four seafood dishes ordered by consumers on the menu are the same as those marked in the seafood pool. The price of other seafood products is relatively high, some seafood products are shelled and shrunk after processing, and the edible part is less, so please choose carefully and consume rationally.”

After comparing the prices with many restaurants of the same grade in the city, the price of the store is basically in line with the consumption price of seafood during the Spring Festival; after comparing with the prices of the Beihai Seafood Market on that day, the prices of the four types of seafood products in the store after processing and cooking within a reasonable range.

  In response to consumers' doubts about the insufficient portion of the four seafood dishes, in order to ensure the authenticity of the verification, law enforcement officers weighed each dish according to the weight marked on the menu and restored the cooked dishes.

After comparison, no seafood was found to be packaged, adulterated and adulterated.

Among them: grouper grouper weighs about 3.1 catties, and after cooking, it is basically the same size as the picture displayed by consumers; one oil snail weighs about 3.8 catties, after shelling, slicing, and stir-frying, the edible part of the snail shrinks significantly after shelling and processing , After careful comparison, the serving size is basically the same as the size of the pictures displayed by consumers; 3.5 catties of horseshoe snails and 3.7 catties of concubine snails, the servings of the dishes displayed by consumers are slightly less than those restored by law enforcement officers.

  After investigation, the store had problems such as paying taxi drivers kickbacks to attract customers, ordering side dishes in a hurry without fully communicating with consumers, and some seafood was slightly less after cooking.

Beihai Municipal Market Supervision Bureau and other relevant departments have ordered the store to suspend business for rectification, rectify within a time limit and file a case for punishment.

The store said it would apologize to the consumer and issue a refund.

For the taxi driver involved, the relevant departments have ordered the taxi company to interview him, fine him and suspend operation within a certain period of time.

  Before the long Spring Festival holiday, in view of the recovery of the tourism market and the substantial increase in tourists this year, Beihai City carried out special rectification on the regulation of consumption in the tourism market, especially the possible seafood catering consumption disputes, and interviewed and reminded all seafood catering enterprises in the city. Sign the "Letter of Integrity Management Commitment" one by one; for business operators who have been reported for bullying and slaughtering customers, once verified, they will be severely punished in accordance with laws and regulations.

Recently, the transportation department interviewed the taxi companies in the city, and the taxi companies signed a letter of commitment with the drivers, strictly prohibiting inducing consumers to deceive customers, and strengthening the management of the taxi industry.

  Beihai City will further intensify the rectification of the tourism consumption market, zero tolerance for bullying and killing customers, and seriously investigate and deal with all kinds of behaviors that infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and will never tolerate them.

A very few unscrupulous operators will never be allowed to disrupt the order of the Beihai tourism market, damage the good reputation of the majority of law-abiding businesses, and do their best to maintain the image of the city.

(China New Finance and Economics)