The auditing company EY wants to save in Germany and is therefore planning structural changes.

A spokesman for EY said by email on Thursday that these relate to personnel measures and the reduction of costs that are not related to personnel.

The company - formerly known as Ernst & Young - has started talks with employee representatives.

The "Financial Times" (FT), citing insiders, had previously reported that EY Germany was planning to cut 40 partners and 380 employees in order to improve profitability after the Wirecard scandal.

The majority of the partners affected by the job cuts are part of the company's audit arm, according to the FT report.

The auditing company previously responsible for Wirecard confirmed on Wednesday that individual auditors had decided to waive their approval.

According to the “FT” and the “Wirtschaftswoche”, the auditors are thus avoiding possible penalties from the supervisory authority for any errors in the annual financial statements controls at Wirecard.

Wirecard collapsed in June 2020 when it became known that 1.9 billion euros were missing from the till.

Three former managers of the Dax group are therefore accused of accounting fraud, market manipulation, breach of trust and gang fraud before the district court in Munich.

Further investigations are ongoing.

The auditing company EY, which had approved the group's balance sheets for years, was also criticized.