This is as many hires as in 2022 and excellent news for the aeronautical ecosystem.

Airbus plans to hire 13,000 employees in 2023, including 7,000 job creations, announced Thursday Thierry Baril, the aeronautical group's HRD.

Two-thirds of these hires will take place in the four main countries in which the aircraft manufacturer operates: France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Spain.

In 2022, Airbus has already reached "an historic record" of recruitments with the arrival of 7,000 additional employees and 6,000 others to replace natural departures.

These figures erase the consequences of the Covid-19 crisis which had led Airbus to drastically reduce its production rates and to announce 15,000 job cuts, a device revised downwards in favor of public aid such as partial unemployment schemes set up by the states.

The need for additional employees is partly due to the ramp-up initiated by the aircraft manufacturer, in particular for its A320 single-aisle aircraft.

Airbus, which produced forty per month during the pandemic, plans to increase to 65 aircraft in 2024 and 75 "by the middle of the decade".

New professions

The aircraft manufacturer, which has announced its intention to fly a hydrogen-powered commercial aircraft in 2035, also wants to hire in new professions and specialties related to decarbonization, digital transformation and cybertechnology.

In the field of defence, it is also one of the main manufacturers responsible for developing the future air combat system (Scaf), desired by Paris, Berlin and Madrid and which will make extensive use of digital technologies that remain to be create.

All the group's divisions are affected by the recruitments, of which 60% concern the Commercial Aircraft branch, 25% the Defense and Space division and 15% Airbus Helicopters.

Currently 70% of the Airbus workforce is white-collar and 27% are women, present more in support or engineering functions.


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