Despite the global economic downturn, Hyundai Motor Company achieved an annual operating profit of KRW 9 trillion for the first time last year, breaking the record.

Hyundai Motor Company held a business performance conference call at its head office in Yangjae-dong, Seoul today (26th) and reported that, on a consolidated basis, total sales last year increased by 21.2% to KRW 142.5275 trillion and operating profit increased by 47.0% to KRW 9.8198 trillion. said to have recorded it.

Net profit was KRW 7,983.6 billion, up 40.2% from the previous year, and total sales were 3,942,925 units.

4th quarter of last year: ▲ Sales of 1,038,874 units ▲ Sales of KRW 38,523.6 billion (automotive KRW 31,585.4 billion, finance and others KRW 6,938.2 billion) ▲ Operating profit of KRW 3,359.2 billion KRW ▲ Ordinary profit of KRW 2.7386 trillion ▲ Net profit of KRW 1.7099 trillion (including non-controlling interests).

Operating profit for the fourth quarter exceeded the market forecast of KRW 3.184 trillion compiled by Yonhap Infomax by 8.1%.

Sales in the fourth quarter increased year-on-year as production recovered thanks to improved supply and demand for global automotive semiconductors and other parts.

Operating profit increased year-on-year thanks to an increase in sales volume, an improved mix of high value-added vehicles, and favorable exchange rates.

An official from Hyundai Motor said, "As the semiconductor supply shortage situation has improved, production is increasing, but inventory levels in major markets are still low, so standby demand is expected to remain solid." there is," he said.