China News Service, January 18th (China News Finance reporter Xie Yiguan and Song Yusheng) In 2023, will the world economy be good?

Everyone may have different predictions, but in the eyes of many institutions, a strong recovery of the Chinese economy is just around the corner.

  The latest "Global Economic Prospects" report released by the World Bank lowered the global economic growth forecast in 2023 by 1.3 percentage points to 1.7%, which is the third-lowest growth rate in the past 30 years.

It states that "global economic growth is slowing sharply to 'dangerously close to recession' due to factors such as high inflation, rising interest rates, falling investment, and the crisis in Ukraine."

  According to the World Economic Outlook report released by the International Monetary Fund, global growth is expected to slow from 6.0% in 2021 to 3.2% in 2022 and 2.7% in 2023.

However, Georgieva, president of the International Monetary Fund, mentioned that with the optimization and adjustment of epidemic prevention policies, China will contribute to global economic growth this year.

  Singapore's "Lianhe Zaobao" directly pointed out that, as the world's second largest economy, "China's economic prospects are related to world prosperity."

  Borger Brende, president of the World Economic Forum, believes that China's optimization and adjustment of the new crown epidemic prevention and control policy will help global economic growth. "We are very optimistic about the growth prospects of China's economy."

Data map.

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  What makes them confident about China's economic growth in 2023?

  In 2022, China's annual economic aggregate will exceed 121 trillion yuan, leaping to a new level, with a growth rate of 3%, faster than most major economies.

  The National Bureau of Statistics of China pointed out on the 17th that in 2023, as the epidemic prevention and control enters a new stage, various policies will continue to be implemented, the order of production and life is expected to accelerate, and the endogenous driving force for economic growth will continue to accumulate and strengthen.

China's economic goals will generally improve.

  The solid material foundation accumulated over a long period of time, the obvious advantages of a super-large-scale domestic market, the further strengthening of the supporting role of new kinetic energy, the continuous release of dividends from deepening reform and opening up, and rich experience in macro-control have all become the advantages that China has today.

  In fact, with the optimization and adjustment of epidemic prevention and control measures, people travel more and consume more, the vitality and potential of China's economy has begun to be released.

Data map: Passengers board the plane.

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  During the Spring Festival travel season in 2023, over 2 billion people will migrate again; the tourism market is gradually recovering; major business districts are wrapped in a strong New Year flavor... These all indicate that the Chinese economy in 2023 is full of hope.

  With China's orderly resumption of citizens' outbound tourism, outbound tourism continues to heat up.

From the perspective of the tourism industry alone, the arrival of Chinese tourists will strongly stimulate the recovery of the global tourism industry.

  Some people in the industry believe that with the resumption of more international routes, the return of Chinese tourists is expected to drive the full recovery of international exchanges, including international trade and cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, and inject vitality into the global economic development and tourism recovery.

  World Bank analysis shows that every percentage point increase in China's gross domestic product (GDP) will drive Singapore's GDP growth by 1.2 percentage points.

GDP in Australia, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia will also grow as trade with China resumes.

  Such a vibrant China will certainly inject new impetus into the world economy.