At 6:30 p.m. on December 22, the Kuaishou Car Carnival live broadcast party was held online. The Kuaishou APP "Kuaishou Auto" broadcast the whole process live, and 36 Krypton's official website, APP, and video account broadcast simultaneously.

Gathering top experts in the car industry, well-known car company brand dealers, senior practitioners in the industry, etc., will bring a lot of interesting interactions, car purchase subsidies, welfare distribution, and spend a wonderful and fun car carnival night with the majority of car fans and users.

  This live broadcast carnival from Kuaishou Auto's annual large-scale content commercialization project also provides a variety of problem-solving ideas for the auto industry to explore new marketing methods based on the new characteristics of user consumption in the post-epidemic era. The innovative form of traffic value conversion on the video live broadcast platform builds a communication bridge that is more in line with the characteristics of new consumption patterns for the interaction and dialogue between auto brands, dealers and target users.

There are a lot of car rim masters and dealers, and multiple ways to play enhance user perception

  This is an innovative interactive party of "auto history and culture sharing + industry trend discussion + car model show + dealers' subsidies".

High-frequency user interaction and brand-specific fun games integrate car culture, brand concepts and elements into all aspects of the scene.

  The party started with a dance titled "Sneak Peek" which filled the super-burning atmosphere of the carnival night instantly.

Immediately afterwards, a classic Ford Model T car full of automobile history and culture and witnessing the development of the global automobile industry appeared in the center of the stage. It was exhibited in a venue other than the museum. The event specially invited Luo Wenyou, the president of the China Classic Car Association and known as the "No. The curiosity and needs of more car fans online to understand the history of car development.

Ford Model T classic car appeared in the center of the stage

  At the same time, the party invited the top car circle experts "Playing Car Little Tigers" and "Xiao Xixi Wants to Overtake" to serve as car recommendation officers, leading the users in the live broadcast room to experience the cultural background and anecdotes of the car models in a relaxed and pleasant way, and conduct all-round Explanation and experience sharing.

The interspersed game sessions and the red envelope draw every ten minutes will continue to push up the interactive upsurge in the live broadcast room, igniting the excitement of car fans.

On-site interaction

  In addition to interesting and fun interactions, the participation of many brands and dealers also made this car carnival night more interesting.

Porsche's first pure electric model "Porsche Taycan" was also exhibited on this stage, allowing everyone to feel that future car design will be more humane, experience-oriented and technological.

Porsche's first pure electric vehicle "Porsche Taycan"

  In addition, Beijing Dongfeng Nanfang Lianfa Citroen franchise store, Beijing Chendebao Automobile Sales and Service Co., Ltd., Beijing Haiwenjie Automobile Sales and Service Co., Ltd. and other dealers were connected at the party. Tell about their respective advantages and services, and distribute exclusive car purchase benefits at the carnival party on the spot, narrowing the distance between brand dealers and car fans.

Integrate the advantageous resources of the automobile industry to provide new ideas for solving problems for the upgrading of the marketing mode of the entire automobile industry chain

  In the post-epidemic era, on the one hand, the resumption of work and production in the auto industry has achieved positive results, and the auto market is slowly recovering.

On the other hand, on the demand side, as the post-95 generation enters the society, their consumption power is gradually released, and the short video live broadcast platform has gradually become the Internet infrastructure, constantly changing people's life and consumption habits. The automobile industry urgently needs a more Accurate "integration of product, sales and transportation" business link to seize the consumption mind of car users in the new era.

  This carnival party systematically integrated the high-quality ecological resources and high-quality content of Kuaishou Automobile.

On the creator side, Kuaishou Automobile further promotes the "Grain Rain Plan". Through special incentive policies and billion-level traffic subsidies, it helps talents to enhance their influence and create high-quality content, and promotes continuous in-depth links between platforms, creators and users; In terms of operations, Kuaishou Auto accelerated the "Quick Kan New Car Plan" aimed at the construction of new car content, the "Spark Plan" to help auto dealers grow, and the "Fishing Boat Plan" for the used car field, and the "Fishing Plan" for trucks. The "Truck Dream Chaser Project" in the industry and the "Car Big Player Project" aimed at car life are all accelerating, fully adding weight to the "Kuaishou Car Carnival" project.

  It is not difficult to see that Kuaishou Automobile is constantly revitalizing the resources of the auto industry, closely following the tide of changes in users' lives and new consumption patterns, fully releasing the ecological value of Kuaishou Automobile, and cooperating with the majority of auto brands, dealers, and car circle creators to jointly promote innovation and explore Diversified and rich content gameplay continues to help the marketing of the automotive industry, achieving a win-win situation of "platform + users + creators + cooperative customers".