The ruling and opposition parties continue to discuss how to handle the bills that expire this year.

Representative examples include a safe freight rate system for trucks and an additional overtime work system. Reporter Jae Hee-won covered this to see what conclusions will be reached before the plenary session next week.


The strike ended on the 9th, but the cargo union continues to sit in a tent in front of the National Assembly.

This is because the future of the safe fare system, which sparked the strike, is uncertain.

Chairman Lee Bong-ju is continuing the fasting for the 12th day in the cold weather.

The medical team has diagnosed that "blood sugar has dropped significantly and requires absolute stability."

Right before the end of the cargo union strike, the government's ruling party's bill to extend the 3-year extension passed the standing committee with a sole decision from the Democratic Party, but the power of the people is aligned with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, which put forward a 'review of the origin of the safe fare system'.

The labor community is greatly concerned that the extension may be unclear or even if it is extended, there may be variables such as the period being reduced to one or two years in the course of negotiations at the National Assembly.

[Park Jae-seok/Cargo Solidarity Secretary General: The majority of cargo workers are exposed to long hours of work.

If ( cargo

workers) are seen as essential manpower, the government's role is to create the right to work safely.


Another sunset bill, the '8-hour additional overtime system', also has disagreements.

It is a bill that allows businesses with less than 30 employees to work 8 hours more than 52 hours a week. While the government and the ruling party support the claim of small and medium-sized businesses that an extension is essential, the labor world threatens the health of workers due to long-term work. I am against it.

First of all, the date of the plenary session was set on the 28th, but labor is expected until the last minute.

(Video coverage: Hwang In-seok ยท Kim Hak-mo, video editing: Cho Moo-hwan)