It should be the starting signal for a major cartel spectacle: The US competition authority FTC has filed a lawsuit to prevent the mega takeover of the video game manufacturer Activision by Microsoft.

The software company is by no means intimidated.

In fact, it sounded almost like a threat when he said he would have liked to "give peace a chance" but was now looking forward to fighting the dispute in court.

The FTC seems no less combat ready.

Since Joe Biden took office, she has pursued a more aggressive course, and she and the Department of Justice, which is also responsible for competition, have filed a number of antitrust lawsuits.

And it is not only the high number that is striking, there are also unusual cases that deviate somewhat from traditional cartel arguments.

This is a risky strategy and carries the risk of defeat.

The chances of success against Microsoft are also uncertain, especially since the group has tried to allay the concerns that are now being expressed by the FTC with concessions.

But the US antitrust authorities are apparently doing everything they can to demonstrate new determination.