Electricity prices are rising against the backdrop of soaring fuel prices, but only about 30% of companies say they are able to pass on the increase to the prices of their products and services. We will strengthen our monitoring to see if

In a survey conducted this month by Teikoku Databank, a private research firm, 86.6% of the 1,265 companies nationwide that responded said their electricity bills had increased compared to a year ago. Only 29.6% of companies say they are able to pass on the costs to the prices of their products and services.

Furthermore, the percentage of costs passed on is low at 9.9% on average.

Tomohiro Uenishi, general manager of information management at Teikoku Databank, which conducted the survey, said, "Since it is difficult to see from the outside how much electricity is being used in a company's production activities, it may be difficult to negotiate a price pass-through." I'm talking to

For this reason, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has decided to strengthen surveillance to ensure that transactions between companies are being conducted appropriately.

Specifically, from next month, the number of investigators known as "subcontractor G-men" will be increased by about 50 to a total of 300 people, and in March, a questionnaire survey will be conducted targeting 300,000 small and medium-sized companies to grasp the actual situation. If any inappropriate transactions are confirmed, we request improvements through the industry association.