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is a friendly economy time.

Today (6th), I will be with reporter Kwon Ae-ri.

Today, following yesterday, it is news related to year-end tax settlement.


Yes, I received a lot of questions yesterday after talking about tax-saving points to be aware of before December passes.

Among them, when preparing for the year-end tax settlement, the most important and most confusing thing is dependents.

Today, I focused on the most confusing part of the year-end tax settlement of dependents' personal deduction.

It's income.

Even if the income of parents over 60 years old exceeds 1 million won for the whole year, they cannot become my dependents.

But when I saw my friends, they said that they are dependents even though their parents receive a fair amount of pension. This is very confusing.

Let me ask you a question to the anchor.

It doesn't seem like there are many happy individual investors these days, but my retired father, who had no income, invested 20 million won this year by investing hard in domestic stocks. Then, now that my parents have income, my father can't become a dependent. Will there be, or will he be my dependent next year?


So, it means that my father made 20 million won by investing in stocks.

Then, since you explained earlier that our income should not exceed 1 million won, then of course it would not be possible.

What does it mean?


Yes, starting with the conclusion, not only has my retired father's wallet been full, but he continues to be my dependent even in the year-end tax settlement early next year.

It means that the tax benefits I will receive are the same.

These days, there is an ongoing debate over the introduction of the so-called financial investment income tax, the so-called financial investment income tax, on income from stock investment. Anyway, until this year, the income earned by ordinary individual investors investing in domestic stocks is not taxed.

that it is not subject to tax.

It is not an income that is subject to such income tax, or it is a bit complicated. Except for income that is subject to separate taxation, you must earn more than 1 million won per year to be excluded from dependents.

Let's take a look at these criteria one by one.

Parents are raising interest and dividend income with the money they have saved so hard, you don't have to worry about up to 20 million won.

Then, what about the national pension, up to 5.16 million won is fine.

That's 430,000 won per month.

Parents who receive more national pension than this cannot be raised as dependents.

However, there was a tax exemption for the national pension that was poured until 2001.

So, to do this accurately, even if you are a parent who receives quite a bit of national pension, the surest way is to check your parent's 'pension income withholding receipt' on the National Pension Service website.


It seems that the tax law is really complicated.

Let me just sort it out once.

I think it's a very interesting story.

There is an income, but it is not unconditional that there is an income, and whether or not this income is taxed is the key?


Yes, you need to be aware of these two key points: whether or not you attach or not, and whether or not you are separately taxed.

So, for example, let's say that A's parents receive 5.17 million won from the national pension alone, and B's parents receive 3 million won from the national pension per year.

Then, the person who actually has much more money in their hands is B's parents, but this person can be B's dependent, and A cannot.

Family A may be a little upset, but the tax law is.

It's good to remember these three numbers: the income of your retired parents.

The national pension has been poured in since 2002, up to 5.16 million won a year, private pensions separately collected up to 12 million won, and interest or dividend income up to 20 million won. You can also upload it to .

In addition, if a new situation arises, such as your parents sold their house this year, received a lump sum severance pay this year, or started a new job this year, the money that came in as income due to this new situation is recognized as more than 1 million won. I will check again to see if I can raise it as a dependent this year.

Even if it's a little annoying, this is a new situation, so you have to check each one.