Let's move on to the strike news of the cargo union.

With the strike continuing for 12 days, the government has begun sanctions in earnest against union members who have not returned to work after receiving an order to start work.

However, the labor world was also hardline, and the construction union went on strike in support of the cargo union, and the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions also announced that it would confront it with a general strike tomorrow (6th).

First of all, I am reporter Jo Yoon-ha.

<Reporter> This

is a construction site in Busan where 2,400 apartment units are being built.

Due to the strike of the cargo union, the pouring work was not possible for a week, but from today, the construction has stopped altogether.

As the construction workers went on strike in sympathy with the cargo union, there was no one to work.

[CEO of partner company: As the strike is prolonged, there is no such confidence that we can finish the deadline work on time...


The Buulgyeong Headquarters of the Construction Workers' Union is going on an indefinite general strike from today, and the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions plans to hold a general strike tomorrow in 15 locations across the country, including Uiwang and Incheon.

[Song Chan- heup

/Chief of the Construction Machinery Subcommittee of the Construction Workers’ Union: Our construction machinery workers, who know the lives and circumstances of cargo workers better than anyone else, will do the same.”

There was a disruption in the shipment of products worth more than KRW 1 trillion.

[Park Jong-min/Delivery driver: (Another gas station) The oil ran out there too.

I have to go to oil instead of working.

It's turning around now, to add oil.]

The government has increased the level of pressure.

The Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs conducted an on-site investigation to confirm that 455 cement transporters who had received a business start order had actually returned to work.

[Park Dae-soon/Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Department of Advanced Logistics: Suspension of vehicle operation on the 30th, accusation for criminal punishment, etc. are inevitable.

So I think this might be my last chance...


The Fair Trade Commission also attempted an on-site investigation of the Cargo Solidarity Headquarters again in three days.

The cargo union filed a complaint with the Human Rights Commission, claiming that the government's order to start work violated three labor rights.

In addition, an administrative lawsuit is filed with the administrative court to cancel the business start order, and the confrontation continues.

(Video coverage: Park Jin-ho · Lim Dong-guk · Park Dong-myeong KNN · Jang Chang-geun KBC, video editing: Won-hee Won, VJ: Park Hyun-woo)

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