On the 12th day of the strike, the cargo union held a press conference in front of the National Human Rights Commission of Korea.

The Cargo Solidarity has been fighting, arguing for the abolition of the safe fare system sunset system that guarantees appropriate freight rates and the expansion of items.

The government responded by issuing an order to start work against truck drivers who went on strike.

The Cargo Workers' Union filed a complaint with the National Human Rights Commission of Korea, claiming that the government's invocation of the executive powers of the strike violated the basic rights guaranteed by the Constitution and violated the conventions of the international organization ILO.

The National Human Rights Commission of Korea came forward and asked for an opinion to withdraw the business start order.

The press conference of the cargo regiment was captured on video.

(Report: Jae Hee-won, Video coverage: Gyeong-bae Jeon, Composition: Jeon Hyung-woo, Editing: Han Man-gil, Production: D Contents Planning Department)