Yangzi Evening News (Reporter Xu Jing) Sparkling water once became popular. Yuanqi Forest used the sugar substitute erythritol to create the concept of 0 sugar and 0 calories, so that young consumers can drink sparkling water without worrying about "gaining weight".

On December 2, the reporter learned that the whole line of burning tea under Yuanqi Forest has been upgraded, and the sugar substitute erythritol has been removed, and it has been transformed into sugar-free tea without sweetness.

  Yuanqi Forest said that the removal of erythritol from burning tea has been considered for many times. Sugar-free tea has been accepted by more consumers and achieved explosive growth against the trend last year, so it decided to upgrade burning tea to sugar-free tea. sugar tea.

  According to reports, at the beginning of the birth of Burning Tea, it took a small step in the innovation of sugary tea, using sugar substitutes to preserve the sweetness, and consumers gradually accepted sweet but sugar-free products.

However, burning tea has also encountered new troubles. Some people read the package as sugar-free and expected it to be unsweetened tea, and some people thought it was sugary tea because of the sweet taste after drinking it.

  In this upgrade, Burning Tea has removed the sugar substitutes of all products and transformed it into sugar-free tea without sweetness.

In addition to the original oolong tea, jasmine tea and other flavors that will be gradually iterated, a new flavor of green mandarin puer is also launched.

  The reporter visited the supermarket and found that the current sugar-free tea brands also include Oriental Leaf, Suntory, Chun Tea House, and Chaliwang under Nongfu Spring.

Among them, Dongfang Leaf launched three new flavors, green mandarin puer, brown rice tea and osmanthus oolong.

Suntory has orange peel oolong, black oolong tea, jasmine oolong and other products.

Whether the new burning tea product of Yuanqi Forest can stand out remains to be tested by the market.

  The reporter noticed that nowadays, 0-sugar tea drinks are becoming the choice of more and more young people.

Searching for "0-calorie sugar milk tea" on Xiaohongshu has more than 5,000 notes, and someone specifically sorted out the recommended drinks of different brands with low sugar and low calories.

The emergence of zero sugar satisfies consumers' pursuit of a healthy diet.

  In addition, Nayuki's Tea recently announced the full use of zero-sugar natural "Luo Han Fructose" in its stores, covering freshly made tea drinks and bottled fruit teas, and providing sweetened sugar substitute drinks.

Industry insiders believe that the product competition of new tea drinks has experienced "tea competition", "fruit competition" and "milk competition", and now it has entered the "sugar competition".

  According to the "Insight Report on China's Sugar-Free Tea Drink Industry in 2022" released by Lingyoushu, the sugar-free tea drink industry has entered a growth stage, and the market size of sugar-free tea drinks has increased from 600 million in 2014 to 4.85 billion in 2020, with a compound annual The growth rate exceeds 40%.