, December 4th (Chinanews Finance and Economics reporter Zuo Yukun) It has been a long time since so many people have paid attention to a special meeting of real estate companies as they did on the night of the 2nd.

  After the rumors about Xu Jiayin, the chairman of the board of directors of Evergrande Group, boiled for a long time, on the evening of the 2nd, the Evergrande Group held a special meeting on the work of Baojiaolou.

In fact, before the meeting was held, many Evergrande insiders had already denied the rumors.

  In the coming 2022, what is Xu Jiayin busy with?

The road ahead, what should the former richest man in China do?

At 7:00 p.m. on December 2, Evergrande Group held a special meeting on the work of the security delivery building.

Source: Evergrande Group official website

Self-made, nothing for a while

  Different from the son-in-law who was born with a golden spoon in his mouth, Xu Jiayin's life has been in "difficult mode" from the very beginning.

  In 1958, Xu Jiayin was born in a poor family in Taikang County, Zhoukou City, Henan Province.

Taikang has been a famous town in the Central Plains since ancient times, and Wu Guang, a hero of grassland, and Xie Lingyun, a poet of landscape, all came from here.

On the same piece of yellow land, Xu Jiayin's mother died of illness not long after he was born.

  "How happy are you who grew up with your mother watching over you!" Xu Jiayin would still say enviously to his subordinates at Evergrande's meeting after becoming successful and famous.

  What has the lack of maternal love brought to me since I was a child?

Xu Jiayin summed it up as "independent" and "stubborn".

Unlike other children, he did not drop out of school to work in agriculture, but insisted on reading all the time.

  He was also a farmer who did all the rough work, and even worked as a dung collector when he was at his worst.

Xu Jiayin passed the college entrance examination in 1978 and spent ten years in a steel factory after graduation.

Later, taking advantage of the reform and opening up, he came to Shenzhen to work as a salesman. In 1992, he won an order of 100,000 yuan for the company.

  Of course, the stubborn Xu Jiayin will not be willing to work for others forever.

In 1996, Xu Jiayin established the Evergrande Group, with vicious eyes on real estate.

  At that time in Guangzhou, most real estate developers still focused on large apartments, and occasionally built a few small apartments at the corners, just to make full use of the area.

After market research, Xu Jiayin decided that Evergrande will develop the first project "Golden Bi Garden", focusing on small apartments.

In his view, the Chinese did not have so much money at that time, and citizens who only made large households probably had no money to buy, which was not conducive to the rapid return of funds.

  As he wished, "Jinbi Garden" was sold out quickly after the development was completed, and Evergrande therefore had a lot of cash flow to continue development.

With Xu Jiayin's series of precise operations, Evergrande Group has become a dark horse in the Chinese market.

  In 1999, Xu Jiayin promoted Evergrande to the top 10 real estate companies in Guangzhou; in 2004, Evergrande jumped to the top 10 real estate companies in China; in 2009, Evergrande was successfully listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, setting a transaction record with a total market value of 70.5 billion Hong Kong dollars .

Data map: Xu Jiayin.

Blind expansion, the richest man wakes up

  Evergrande's success gave Xu Jiayin a moment of glory.

Since 2010, Xu Jiayin has become a frequent visitor on the rich list, and even became the richest man in China in the 2017 Forbes Rich List and Hurun Rich List.

  On the 2022 Hurun Report (China), Xu Jiayin dropped to 172nd place with a wealth of 30 billion yuan.

  Evergrande's "Golden Dollar Football" is Xu Jiayin's most impressive stroke outside of real estate.

In 2010, Xu Jiayin used thick banknotes to smash out a giant that refreshed the Asian football circle-Guangzhou Evergrande football team.

  On November 9, 2013, with the support of nearly 50,000 fans at the scene, Guangzhou Evergrande drew 1-1 at home with Seoul FC in South Korea. With the advantage of more away goals, they won the AFC Champions League, becoming the first team in 23 years. The first Chinese football club to reach the pinnacle of Asia.

  In 2020, Xu Jiayin spent 6.8 billion yuan to win a 500,000-square-meter plot in Xie Village, Panyu, Guangzhou, and plans to spend another 12 billion yuan to build the world's largest top-level professional football stadium that surpasses Barcelona's home court Nou Camp.

  If all goes well, this football stadium that can accommodate 100,000 people is expected to be completed by the end of 2022, which will also become another highlight moment in Xu Jiayin's career.

  But just like the saying most often heard in the football circle, "Football is round, and you don't know what will happen until the last moment." In the second half of 2021, Xu Jiayin and his football stopped.

An aerial view of the Guangzhou Evergrande football stadium day view released by Evergrande on April 16, 2020.

Source: Evergrande Group

Under the predicament, try our best to guarantee the delivery of the building

  Because of the high leverage and high debt of real estate companies, Evergrande disclosed in 2021 that it may not be able to fulfill its guarantee obligations.

The central bank once commented that the risk of Evergrande Group mainly stems from its own poor management and blind expansion.

  Evergrande's asset disposal dynamics have always affected the sensitive nerves of the capital market.

In November, Evergrande sold the gleaming Shenzhen Bay Evergrande headquarters for 7.54 billion yuan; in October, Guangzhou Panyu Land, which carried Xu Jiayin's football dream, was won by Guangzhou Chengtou.

Local governments are also accelerating the recovery of Evergrande's land. According to incomplete statistics, since Evergrande fell into financial difficulties in 2021, Evergrande has recovered more than 12,000 mu of land, equivalent to more than 8 million square meters, by the government without compensation.

  The latest news is that on the afternoon of November 30th, Evergrande Wealth announced that it will adjust the payment plan released on December 31, 2021, from the current payment of 8,000 yuan per person per month to 2,000 yuan per person per month. .

  Evergrande's self-rescue actions are far more than these, the most important of which is naturally "guaranteed delivery".

Counting the appearance after this turmoil,

since the beginning of this year, Xu Jiayin's name has only appeared 3 times on Evergrande Group's official website, and the theme is delivery and sale of houses


  Even at the end of October, Hengchi 5, which invested 47.4 billion and had been brewing for more than 2 years, finally ushered in the official delivery, with the first batch of 100 units.

Evergrande, which has been procrastinating on mass production and delivery time, finally gave the market a preliminary explanation.

But on such an important occasion, Xu Jiayin, who had high hopes for Hengchi Automobile, did not attend.

  On the evening of December 2, Xu Jiayin focused on summarizing the situation of the resumption of work and production since this year at the special meeting on the guaranteed delivery of buildings that has attracted much attention, and

asked to ensure the completion of the annual guaranteed delivery of buildings


  At the beginning of the year, Xu Jiayin stated at the Evergrande mobilization meeting that Evergrande will guarantee the delivery of about 70 million square meters of buildings and

about 600,000 units

this year .

At the end of the year, when Xu Jiayin showed up, he said: "From January to November this year, Evergrande Group has handed over 256,000 units, and will

strive to complete the handover of 300,000 units

throughout 2022. The quality and quantity of the building must be completed in December. "

44,000 sets." The target number of sets for the task of guaranteeing the delivery of buildings has been reduced by half compared with the beginning of the year.

  At the same beginning of the year, Evergrande's headquarters moved away from Nanshan District, Shenzhen, where it had been working for nearly five years, and returned to the embrace of Guangzhou.

Someone once commented that it is the pragmatic and inclusive temperament that makes Guangzhou a commercial capital that lasts for thousands of years.

Today, Xu Jiayin returns to Guangzhou, trying to return to being pragmatic and down-to-earth, in order to tide over the difficulties.

  But the future is still unknown, what will be waiting for Xu Jiayin?

Everything stands the test of time.