[Explanation] On December 2, the 8th Sichuan Agricultural Expo (referred to as this Agricultural Expo) with the theme of "strengthening cooperation to promote consumption and open a new economic situation" opened in Chengdu.

  It is reported that this year's Agricultural Expo has five major exhibition areas, including the Sichuan Provincial and Municipal (Prefecture) Exhibition Hall, the Agricultural Cooperation Exhibition Hall, and the National Agricultural Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Exhibition Hall. There are nearly 2,000 exhibitors and more than 10,000 participating brands.

This year's Agricultural Expo will promote the signing of a number of investment and trade contracts, the implementation of a number of major investment projects, and the introduction of a number of upstream leading enterprises, helping Sichuan continue to polish the golden signboard of a major agricultural province and create a higher level of "Tianfu Granary" in the new era ".

  Wu Hongyao, full-time deputy director of the Central Agricultural Office and member of the party group of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, said in a video speech that this year's Agricultural Science and Technology Achievements Transformation Conference will focus on promoting the "last mile" of agricultural science and technology achievements transformation, which will surely promote high-level agricultural science and technology self-reliance and self-improvement play an important role in promoting.

  [Concurrent] Wu Hongyao, full-time deputy director of the Central Agricultural Office and member of the party group of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs

  Sichuan is a large agricultural province with rich resources and products. The output of grain, pigs, rapeseed, and potatoes occupies an important position in the country.

Sichuan wine, Sichuan cuisine and Sichuan tea are famous all over the world.

Sichuan Agricultural Expo, as an important window for Sichuan's opening up and cooperation, and an important platform for foreign exchanges with agriculture, has vigorously promoted the agricultural cooperation between Sichuan Province and domestic and foreign countries, and strongly promoted Sichuan's leap from a large agricultural province to a strong agricultural province.

  [Explanation] As a platform for agricultural exchanges and cooperation, this year's Agricultural Expo not only focuses on the "going out" of "Chuan Zihao"'s superior and characteristic agricultural products, but also tries to "bring in".

Haiyoya, Commercial Minister Counselor of the Israeli Embassy in China, said in an exclusive interview that Israel, as the country of honor of this Agricultural Expo, invited more than a dozen Israeli agricultural technology companies to present the latest technology and cooperation results.

  [Same period] Haiyoya, Commercial Counselor of the Israeli Embassy in China

  These companies have been active in China for many years and have made a lot of achievements. They all have top-notch (technologies) in the industry. These technologies can not only improve agricultural production efficiency more efficiently, but also enable energy-saving optimization and sustainable development.

We also hope that by taking advantage of the valuable platform provided by this Agricultural Expo, they can get in touch with more local enterprises in Sichuan and carry out more cooperation projects more smoothly.

  [Explanation] The Agricultural Cooperation Pavilion of this Agricultural Expo also focused on displaying countries and regions along the "Belt and Road" such as Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar, foreign sister cities, agricultural high-tech, new models of agricultural production management, agricultural cooperation projects and Special agricultural products, etc.

  Lei Fan is a Malaysian exhibitor. In an interview, she said that participating in this Agricultural Expo played a very good role in promoting Malaysian enterprises and agricultural products.

  [Same period] Lei Fan, an exhibitor from Malaysia

  I think this is a very good communication bridge, because if we participate in exhibitions in (China), we can collect some (China) domestic information and send it back to Malaysia, so that our Malaysian companies can understand (China) domestic information. market.

Of course, when some of our companies have not reached the domestic (Chinese market), we also hope to pass this bridge, and then let them find some merchants to complete some commercial cooperation together.

  He Meikun reports from Chengdu, Sichuan

Responsible editor: [Wang Kai]