Many wholesale markets in Guangzhou reopened in an orderly manner

  Cold weather and pretty merchants are busy delivering goods

  Guangzhou Daily News (all-media reporters Zhang Lu and Xu Xiaofang) "After the market resumed business, we were very busy. While busy arranging the newly arrived down jackets, we packed the clothes and seized the time to pack and send away the customer's orders." In Baima Ms. Pan, a trendy women's clothing store operator who has been in the clothing market for more than five years, said.

  Guangzhou Baima clothing market resumed business yesterday.

The reporter learned that wholesale markets such as China-Hong Kong Leather Goods City and Yima Clothing Plaza have also resumed business one after another.

The Guangzhou Professional Market Chamber of Commerce told reporters that at present, the Chamber of Commerce will gradually organize the restoration of market order, the elimination of venues and the appeasement of merchants.

At present, the wholesale markets are notified according to the requirements of each district, and they are required to strictly scan the site code, measure temperature and pass the green code.

  After the resumption of business, the Baima market ushered in the return of employees and the arrival of clothing buyers.

"After all, the end of the year is the peak season for the clothing industry. With the addition of the cold air in Guangdong, merchants are actively resuming work and production. According to our preliminary statistics, at least 95% of the merchants are already open on the first day of the resumption of the market." A related person in the Guangzhou Baima clothing market told reporters.

China Hong Kong Leather Goods City stated that upon receiving the notice of resumption of work and production, it immediately promoted the resumption of work and production, actively assisted merchants in registering for resumption of work and production, and issued notices related to resumption of work and epidemic prevention.