On December 2, the eve of the International Day of the Disabled, Alibaba, together with the Employment Service Guidance Center of the China Disabled Persons' Federation and the China Association for the Promotion of Disabilities, officially launched the "Helping the Disabled and Chasing Dreams" public welfare recruitment campaign, mobilizing its businesses to cooperate with Taobao, Tianbao Platform merchants such as cats provide hundreds of positions for the disabled, including anchors, operations, customer service, promotion, website editing, logistics management, as well as designers, pastry chefs, etc., recruiting nearly 3,600 people.

Disabled persons who need to seek employment can search for keywords such as "Helping the Disabled and Chasing Dreams" and "Employment for the Disabled" through the China Disabled Persons' Employment and Entrepreneurship Network Service Platform or the Taobao homepage, and log in to the Alipay homepage to enter the recruitment page and submit their resumes.

On December 2, Alibaba joined forces with the Employment Service Guidance Center of the China Disabled Persons' Federation and the China Association for the Promotion of News and Publicity for the Cause of the Disabled to launch the "Helping the Disabled to Pursue Their Dreams" public welfare recruitment activity.

  On October 21, under the guidance of the Student Service and Quality Development Center of the Ministry of Education, Alibaba launched the "Tmall Double 11 Recruitment Season" campaign with the third-party recruitment platform No. 1 Workplace, mobilizing 80,000 merchants to post more than 600,000 jobs.

As the International Day of Persons with Disabilities approaches, Alibaba specially launched this action to help the disabled and promote employment, hoping to provide more employment opportunities through integration, so that disabled friends can go to work better, faster and safer.

  On the basis of creating commercial value, digital platforms are also constantly creating social value, especially in promoting the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, encouraging entrepreneurship, and driving employment. They have exerted unique advantages.

In recent years, more and more disabled people have found new directions for entrepreneurship and employment on digital platforms, and through their own efforts to find and realize the value of life.

More and more people with disabilities have found new directions for entrepreneurship and employment on digital platforms, and through their own efforts to find and realize the value of life.

  It is understood that as of December 2021, Alibaba has 2,007 disabled employees; as of this year, more than 3,000 hearing-impaired riders have been working on the Ele.me platform; more than 100,000 disabled people work in Hema's major stores; at least hundreds of thousands of disabled people start businesses and find jobs on Taobao's Tmall platform.

More than 1,000 merchants opened up nearly 3,600 jobs for the disabled

  A few days ago, the Alibaba Research Institute distributed questionnaires to Taobao merchants about employment and entrepreneurship on e-commerce platforms for people with disabilities. More than a thousand Taobao merchants expressed their willingness to open nearly 3,600 positions to recruit people with disabilities.

  Li Cheng, the founder of the official store of Luwang Fishing Tackle, signed up to participate in the public welfare recruitment activity of "Helping the Disabled and Chasing Dreams", and provided 4 customer service positions and 3 packaging worker positions, specially recruiting disabled people.

He said that he started his business on Taobao in 2015, and just opened a Tmall store this year, with an annual income of nearly 10 million yuan.

His factory is located in Boshan District, Zibo City, Shandong Province. There are more than 50 employees online and offline. Among them, there are 3 disabled people in the workshop.

In the early days of his business, he was introduced by a friend and recruited a worker who was blind in his left eye and had been doing stamping work in the workshop.

In 2018, another employee with a disabled leg was recruited to be responsible for the cutting.

"He was disabled when he fell off the wall while building a house at home." The deaf employees recruited in March this year are mainly doing assembly.

  "Disabled people are more focused on their work and cherish employment opportunities." Li Cheng said that disabled people usually study and master job skills more seriously and harder than other employees.

Some are hearing-impaired but very dexterous in their hands and feet, and some are inconvenient in their hands and feet but have excellent eyesight.

  Wang Wei, the founder of Taobao merchant Shandong Zhiyuan Landscape Design Co., Ltd., also provided five employment positions for the disabled. He mainly recruited talents in landscape graphic design.

"We can provide three-month pre-job training for disabled friends. During this period, each person can be subsidized 1,500 yuan, and can also provide food." Wang Wei said.

  "The senior who brought me into the industry is a disabled person. He has polio and can't walk, but he is physically disabled and strong. He is more able to endure hardships and endure temper than ordinary people." Influenced by his predecessors, Wang Wei is particularly able to understand the needs of disabled people. not easy.

New jobs in the digital economy offer new opportunities for people with disabilities

  In addition to opening a long-term free employment and recruitment channel for the disabled, Alibaba has also explored a series of measures to help the disabled find employment and start businesses.

On the one hand, the disabled are encouraged to start businesses on the digital economy platform, and relevant support programs are provided to promote the sales of their goods and services, so as to drive employment through entrepreneurship.

On the other hand, by giving full play to the advantages of the platform business, it actively provides direct employment opportunities for the disabled, and continues to promote the alleviation of the employment pressure of the disabled and other groups.

Zhao Yunchao from Shandong, after he was transferred from the army, was paralyzed due to a burst fracture of the lumbar spine due to an accidental car accident. Later, he started a business selling pears on Taobao. After the business grew, he hired three customer service staff, including a disabled person.

  Zhao Yunchao from Malianzhuang Town, Laixi City, Qingdao, Shandong Province, is a retired soldier. He returned home in 2011 and planned to transfer to the town government. Unexpectedly, he was involved in a car accident and suffered a lumbar burst fracture and became paraplegic. He has been using a wheelchair since then.

  After being discharged from the hospital, he joined the Qingdao Disabled Archery Team to practice sitting archery. In 2014, he participated in the Shandong Paralympic Games and won 4 silver medals in the sitting archery. In the same year, he was selected into the Shandong Disabled Archery Team.

In 2015, he participated in the Ninth National Games for the Disabled and ranked sixth in the country in the archery project.

  After retiring, he also tried to find a job.

In June 2017, he started to open a shop on Taobao to sell pears.

At the beginning, I sent more than ten or twenty orders a day. Later, after participating in Taobao store operation training, the number of repeat customers gradually increased, and the sales volume of Qiuyue pears also stabilized at more than 100 orders a day.

Now the annual revenue is about 100 million yuan.

After the business grew, he also hired three online customer service staff, one of whom was disabled.

  Qian Lu, a staff member of the Comprehensive Service Center of the Quzhou Disabled Persons' Federation in Zhejiang, said that in recent years, the "Angel Wings" customer service base for the disabled jointly established by the Quzhou Disabled Persons' Federation and Alibaba has carried out many online customer service and live broadcast delivery of goods. Waiting for online and offline employment and entrepreneurship training, trained more than 300 people with disabilities, and innovated the "centralized + home" office customer service employment model for the disabled. At present, 23 disabled people have joined the Alibaba Quzhou Customer Experience Center, of which 6 Work from home.

  On the National Day of Helping the Disabled in 2022, Taobao also launched the "Disabled Business Operation Plan" for the first time to establish a disabled business community and provide customized store operation training services for disabled people who open stores on Taobao.

Taobao Education provides online learning cloud classrooms for businesses with disabilities, and offers more than 2,000 free course training sessions, special e-commerce job training, store operation skills improvement, e-commerce team operation and enterprise management, etc. Live broadcast, real-time synchronization of e-commerce trends, platform rules and gameplay, combined with platform activities and operating nodes, to provide targeted guidance to disabled businesses.

  At 7:00 p.m. on December 1, Taobao Live, with the support of the China Association for the Promotion of Journalism and Publicity for the Disabled, cooperated with the Beijing Dongcheng District Employment Service Center for the Disabled and the Firefly Love Public Welfare Live Broadcasting Platform to help many disabled anchors settle in Taobao and carry out live broadcasting. The charity bazaar sells traditional and time-honored products such as Arctic Ocean and Sanyuan, as well as products for the disabled and the elderly such as shoes for the elderly. Part of the proceeds from the charity sale will be donated by the firefly charity platform for the cause of helping the disabled.