Today (3rd), the 10th day of the cargo strike, the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions held large-scale rallies in Seoul and Busan to support the strike.

However, the government

warned that it would impose sanctions on drivers who refuse to return, saying that traffic volumes are returning to normal levels.

Reporter Jo Yoon-ha reports.


[Cargo workers are workers too!]

Thousands of KCTU union members gathered in front of the National Assembly shouted slogans in support of the strike of the cargo union.

The protesters criticized the government's order to start business as unconstitutional and urged the expansion of the safe fare system.

The cargo union emphasized that it would continue the strike without yielding to government pressure.

[Lee Bong-ju/Cargo Solidarity Chairman: They are struggling to make us slaves by catching the livelihood of cargo workers by the leash.

However, despite the pressure and threats from the Yoon Seok-yeol government, the cargo union will never back down.]

The Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, which held a large-scale rally in Busan, plans to hold a general strike in solidarity with the cargo union strike next Tuesday.

On the other hand, the government sees unions as losing momentum to strike.

Since the order to start business was issued on the 29th of last month, cement shipments have been steadily increasing, and container imports and exports at 12 ports nationwide have recovered to 82%.

However, Gwangyang Port is still virtually suspended, and losses from steel mills and tire companies that are unable to export products are snowballing.

As the number of out-of-stock gas stations increased to 74, the government began a practical review of whether to expand the business start order to the oil refining industry.

It was found that 22% of the 791 cement cargo drivers who had received a work start order so far expressed their intention to return.

The government continued its hardline response, saying it would conduct an on-site investigation starting next Monday and sanction those drivers who did not return to work.

(Video coverage: Choi Ho-jun · Lee Sang-hak, video editing: Kim Jun-hee)