The Red Star Capital Bureau has noticed that the Y-type shares of pension funds under several fund companies have officially opened daily subscriptions and regular fixed investment.

Some voices in the industry said that this means that the personal pension business of public funds has officially entered the substantive operation stage.

  It is understood that Class Y shares refer to the share category set up separately for personal pension investment fund business, which can be purchased through personal pension fund accounts and enjoy certain management fee rates and custody fee discounts.

  The Red Star Capital Bureau saw that there are currently 6 pension fund Y-type share products on sale in the GF Securities Yitaojin APP.

Taking "Guangfa Steady Pension (FOF) Y" as an example, you can choose fixed investment or subscription, but you must use the pension fund account to pay.

Among the subscription fee rates, the direct sales fee rate is 0.0%, the management fee rate is 0.3%, and the custody fee rate is 0.075%.

Trading rules show that the fund needs to be held for at least 1 year before it can be redeemed.

If the holding time is greater than or equal to 1 year, the redemption fee rate is 0.

  In addition, in the E Fund APP, 7 personal pension funds have been launched for sale, including 3 pension target date funds and 4 pension target risk funds.

  At present, various fund companies have not announced the sales data of Y shares of pension funds.

However, Red Star Capital Bureau learned from the consignment channel that various banks have launched various account opening rights to "compete" for customers.

  On social platforms such as Xiaohongshu, a user of Industrial Bank posted a message stating that they had received a text message notification: "Personal pension business is about to start, and participating in personal pension can enjoy tax benefits. Our bank sincerely invites you to make an appointment to open an account. After the account is successfully opened, you You can receive a red envelope of up to 88 yuan." There are also users who have sorted out the personal pension account opening discounts of major banks such as Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Ping An Bank, and China Guangfa Bank.

  At the same time, some banks have issued quotas for the number of personal pension accounts opened to employees.

  A staff member of a Shenzhen branch of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank told the Red Star Capital Bureau that the bank requires each employee to open three personal pension accounts per week.

At present, he has opened a personal pension account and a personal pension fund account for a client.

From its introduction, we can learn that Shanghai Pudong Development Bank is currently managing pension fund products of fund companies such as China Southern Fund and Harvest Fund.

  Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News reporter Qiang Yamian