Aurélien Fleurot 7:56 a.m., November 30, 2022

The first smartphone made in France will arrive in 2024 thanks to the company Crosscall, based in Aix-en-Provence.

By leaving Asia for France, the company is showing its desire to accelerate digital and industrial sovereignty.

For this, it will also rely on French partners.

This is a concrete example of reindustrialisation.

The company Crosscall, based in Aix-en-Provence, will achieve a first in 2024: to manufacture the first smartphone in France.

These smartphones considered robust already equip the police, the gendarmerie or the agents of the SNCF.

The company decided to leave Asia for France.

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Digital and industrial sovereignty

Relocate for reasons of sovereignty and industrial logic with first a little more than three million euros invested to accelerate the phases of research and development, design of telephones.

The company will be based in Aix-en-Provence, in a new building with new machines to prepare for the industrialization phase.

The assembly will therefore be done in France, something new but to get there, Cyril Vidal, the CEO of Crosscall will also rely on French partners.

“Plastics processing in France, we know how to do it. Then there is the component part. There are components that are available in companies. We take stock of everything that we can buy from them and that the we bought elsewhere. We will therefore carry out the assembly on a production line in France. That means that we will bring about 70 to 80% of the value to France", he explains.

Crosscall received 800,000 euros in aid thanks to the France Relance plan.

The company has 200 employees, will recruit dozens of engineers in particular and has set itself the goal of producing two million devices per year.

In this segment of the durable, robust telephone, guaranteed for 5 years for a price that can vary from 300 to 700 euros.