The French tire manufacturer Michelin plans to cut 451 jobs in France in 2023, for the third year of its "simplification and competitiveness plan".

These job cuts mainly concern the sites of the group's head office in Clermont-Ferrand (Puy-de-Dôme), where 313 jobs will be cut (mainly tertiary activities), according to a note sent to the unions before a meeting of the Social Committee and Economy (CSE) scheduled for December 6.

For the industrial part, the sites of Cholet (51 deletions), Troyes (30) and Puy-en-Velay (25) are the most affected.

Among these deletions, Michelin is considering 319 early retirement departures and offers 210 places open to external mobility.

At the same time, the group plans to create 318 positions.

1,750 job cuts over 3 years

The results of its three-year plan would therefore amount to around 1,750 job cuts (1,100 in the tertiary sector and 650 in industry), according to a spokeswoman for the manufacturer who had initially put forward the figure of 2,300 job cuts. (1,100 in the tertiary sector and 1,200 in industry).

"It was a maximum, not an objective," said the spokesperson.

Michel Chevalier, union representative of the CGT, believes that “many deletions are linked to the relocation in the tertiary sector, in particular in Romania.

There are few losses for the industry, this is what was expected, while it is still difficult to recruit ”.

Michelin currently has 17,000 employees in France and more than 120,000 worldwide.


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