Disappointment on the side of food banks after the national collection, which took place from Friday to this Sunday.

An initial assessment shows a 10% drop in donations compared to last year.

A dreaded consequence from the start of fundraising, due to inflation and the energy crisis.

The national collection is a very important meeting for food banks, since it represents in three days approximately 10% of annual donations, and generally makes it possible to collect enough to provide more than 20 million meals.

"In a context of inflation and the energy crisis, we would like to warmly thank all the people who have made a donation to us, even though they sometimes encounter difficulties themselves", underlines Claude Baland, President of the French Banking Federation. food.


"They need it", "I can't do more"... Donations to food banks caught up in inflation?


Coronavirus: In food banks, half of the beneficiaries have been helped for less than a year

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