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cargo regiment is stubbornly holding on, saying they cannot accept the order to start work.

At the same time, the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions also announced that it would hold a large-scale strike next week.

The voice of the cargo solidarity continues to be delivered by reporter Jo Yoon-ha.


[Withdraw the anti-constitutional business start order immediately!]

The Cargo Solidarity raised its voice today (30th) as well, protesting against the business start order.

He said that the government violated the basic rights guaranteed by the Constitution, saying that truck drivers were private businesses and forced to work.

[Nam-Jun Oh/Vice Chairman of Cargo Solidarity: (President) stepped forward and issued an order to start business that is anti-constitutional and unconstitutional.

The Cargo Solidarity firmly rejects forced labor.]

In addition, they argued that the government could not admit that it was violating the law by sending a text message to start business instead of registering it.

The second meeting between the government and the cargo union in the afternoon also broke down in 40 minutes.

After leaving the negotiating room, we only raised our voices to each other.

[He'll say it again.]

[No, you shouldn't lie.

You said that the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport is not responsible.

You said that the government would no longer come out and talk.] The

Korean Confederation of Trade Unions also announced a concerted strike.

The order to start work is an attack on all workers, and on December 6, union members from other companies across the country announced that they would join in the form of participating in the cargo solidarity sit-in.

It is an aspect of an all-out war between the government, which advocates laws and principles, and the labor world, which claims that basic rights have been violated.

[Lee Byeong-hoon/Professor of Sociology at Chung-Ang University: We need sincere conversations and various communication behind the scenes, but since that part is not happening right now, wouldn't the situation get bigger?

Then, it is actually the people who suffer from pain.] The

cargo union plans to file a lawsuit for injunction and cancellation of the business start order itself, so legal battles are expected to intensify.

(Video coverage: Jeong Seong-hwa·Im Dong-guk·Kim Min-cheol, video editing: Jeong Seong-hoon)