In the Tokyo foreign exchange market on the 28th, as concerns about the future of the Chinese economy increased in response to protests against the zero-corona policy in China, there was a move to buy the yen to avoid risks, and the yen exchange rate rose. .

The yen exchange rate at 5:00 pm was 48 sen compared to last weekend, and the yen strengthened against the dollar at 138.30 to 32 sen.

In addition, against the euro, the exchange rate was 99 sen compared to the end of last week, with the yen strengthening against the euro at 143.48 to 52 sen.

The euro was 1 euro = 1.0374 to 75 dollars against the dollar.

A market insider said, ``In China, large-scale protests have been held in the capital Beijing and Shanghai against the zero-corona policy, which entails strict restrictions on movement, and concerns about the future of the Chinese economy are growing. Japan, China, As stock prices in major Asian stock markets such as South Korea fell, investors became more risk-averse, and there was a movement to buy the yen in the foreign exchange market."