The Tokyo stock market on the 28th of the week, fearing the impact of protests against the "zero corona" policy in China, many stocks were ordered to sell and stock prices fell.

▽The closing price of the Nikkei Stock Average on the 28th is 28,162.83 yen, which is 120.20 yen lower than the closing price of last weekend.

▽ Tokyo Stock Price Index = Topics fell 13.69, 2004.31.

▽ The daily trading volume was 1,132,760,000 shares.

A market insider said, ``In response to China's "zero corona" policy, which entails strict restrictions on behavior, large-scale protests have been held in the capital, Beijing, Shanghai, etc., and there is a sense of caution about the future of the Chinese economy, and in the Asian market. Stock prices fell, and the Tokyo market was also aware of the slowdown in China's economy, and many stocks, including semiconductor and automobile-related stocks, received sell orders one after another."