The 2022 Qatar World Cup is in full swing, and the World Cup mascot "Raib" is also popular because of his cute appearance.

  As one of the suppliers of the 2022 Qatar World Cup Organizing Committee, Cheche Culture Development Co., Ltd. from Dongguan, Guangdong is responsible for the secondary development of the mascot "Raib", designing and producing a variety of official souvenirs.

  In a production workshop in Chashan Town, Dongguan City, workers are rushing to make "Raib" plush toys. These packaged plush toys will be sold all over the world.

  The key to the success of the "Raib" plush toy image is to "install" the nose bridge for Raib, add a small cloth bag inside the toy, fill it with cotton and tighten it, forming a raised nose bridge, which significantly enhances the face three-dimensional sense.

In addition to the more obvious features of the facial features, the manufacturer also highlights the shape of the smiling mouth, which makes the entire facial expression richer and the whole image looks very vivid.

  In this World Cup in Qatar, there are more than 30 manufacturers around the world competing for the production authorization of "Raib". Cheche Culture Development Co., Ltd. has been recognized by Qatar and FIFA through this detail.

(Reporter Chen Chuhong produced Le Xiaomin)

Responsible editor: [Song Yusheng]