, Beijing, November 27. According to a report by China Central Radio and Television's Voice of China "News and Newspaper Summary", in response to the unsalable vegetables that have recently been affected by the epidemic in some areas, all localities have taken active actions to open up vegetable sales and ensure the income of farmers. Stabilize the "vegetable basket" of citizens.

  The video of Gao Hushan, a farmer in Changleji Town, Cao County, Heze, Shandong Province, encountering "celery is hard to sell" has attracted a lot of attention on the Internet.

  Tian Haibo, a farmer in Tianqiao Town, Juye County, Heze, is also facing the same predicament. Looking at the 140,000 catties of green onions that have matured, he feels worried.

After the local government learned of the situation, it actively helped Tian Haibo contact the nearby vegetable market, and coordinated cooperation between the two parties through a large chain supermarket.

  Hou Yuesen, a buyer at a supermarket in Juye County: This scallion is indeed growing very well and meets the requirements of the product. In order to help them solve their difficulties, we will help them sell them at an amount of 2,000 catties per day until they are sold out.

  Party members and cadres in Tianqiao Town also released assistance information through various online platforms, and launched community group buying activities, allowing towns far and near to help sales.

  Zhao Yanhui, a community group purchase buyer in Tianqiao Town: I ordered more than 3,000 catties yesterday, and the sales volume in the later period is also large. I can sell five to six thousand catties a day. Help farmers solve the problem of not being able to sell green onions as soon as possible.

  In Tiancun Town, Ganxian District, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province, the price of chili has dropped sharply, from three or four yuan last year to 1.5 yuan.

Faced with the immediate difficulties faced by vegetable farmers, the Tiancun town government actively communicated with all parties to increase the income of vegetable farmers.

  Tang Limei, member of the Tiancun Town Party Committee Propaganda Campaign: We actively contacted the business department to open a "through train" between vegetable farmers and four large supermarkets in the city, reducing intermediate circulation links and reducing costs for vegetable farmers.

To achieve a win-win situation among supermarkets, vegetable farmers and consumers.

  At present, there are varying degrees of unsalable vegetables in the 50 major planting counties in Henan Province.

Henan Province issued a notice and introduced 10 measures for vegetable promotion, starting from "strengthening the docking of vegetable production and marketing", "organizing the procurement of merchants outside the province" and "carrying out targeted vegetable procurement" to solve the problem of unsalable vegetables.