(Qatar World Cup) Why does the Qatar World Cup love Chinese new energy buses?

  China News Agency, Zhengzhou, November 26th: Why does the Qatar World Cup love Chinese new energy buses?

  China News Agency reporter Han Zhangyun

  "During the entire World Cup, my colleagues and I will drive these buses to transport spectators to various stadiums." Qatar World Cup is in full swing. Isaac Nsubuga from Uganda, Africa accepted China News Agency online on the 26th The reporter said in an interview.

  The electric drive bus driven by Isaac Nsubuga is a new energy bus produced in China.

The 888 pure electric buses produced by Zhengzhou Yutong Bus shuttled around the competition venues, subway stations and main roads in the city, serving the staff, volunteers and fans related to the competition.

  Qatar, located in the Middle East, is rich in oil and natural gas. Why do you love Chinese new energy buses?

"These 888 pure electric buses meet the low-carbon and environmental protection requirements of the World Cup in Qatar." Shen Hui, regional manager of Yutong Overseas Middle East Region, told the reporter of China News Agency that energy conservation and emission reduction is currently the mainstream concept in the world, and the Qatari government intends to To hold a low-carbon, environmentally friendly World Cup event, the electrification of public transportation is an important part of it.

Based on this, the new energy solution proposed by Yutong has been recognized by customers and purchased in large quantities.

  Qatar has a tropical desert climate. Will the new energy buses produced in central China be "acclimatized"?

According to Gan Shaoying, Deputy Manager of Yutong Bus Qatar National Company, in view of the hot weather in Qatar, the air conditioner design of Yutong electric bus adopts intelligent temperature control algorithm, and the vehicle power battery adopts an independent and efficient liquid cooling system to ensure that the maximum temperature of the battery during the driving process is not high. Over 45 degrees Celsius, and equipped with advanced and safe battery technology, the average mileage per charge is more than 200 kilometers.

  There are many winds and sands in Qatar. Yutong Bus has made special improvements in vehicle sealing and chassis protection. It equips pure electric vehicle motors with an industry-original sand protection structure to improve the motor's adaptability to potholes, gravel and other road surfaces.

  China's new energy buses can win the competition, on the one hand because of the targeted technology, and on the other hand because of the "nanny-style" service that runs through before, during and after the game.

  Gan Shaoying said that in order to ensure "zero failures, zero safety accidents, zero breakdowns, and zero complaints" of the buses participating in the competition, Yutong Bus has formed a huge service lineup of 126 people stationed in Qatar, so as to guarantee the spare parts, complete vehicle inspection, Quick response to daily inspection, troubleshooting, emergencies, etc.

  "Most of the year here is high temperature, and I am very comfortable working in the car." Isaac Nsubuga, who drove a Chinese new energy bus for the first time, was full of praise for its performance, "It is more convenient to operate, Moreover, it has a high degree of intelligence, with advanced functions such as door opening brake, one-button start, automatic wiper, and lighting control."

  According to Yutong Bus data, including pure electric buses, a total of 1,500 Yutong buses participated in the transportation service for this World Cup.

After the event, these buses will serve Qatar's daily public transport network.

  In recent years, more and more Chinese new energy vehicles have been sold overseas.

According to the person in charge of Yutong Bus, Yutong’s new energy buses have sold more than 170,000 units worldwide, and they have been exported to Australia, Chile, Denmark, France, the United Kingdom and other countries in batches.

By serving the World Cup in Qatar, Yutong Bus also plans to build an electric bus factory in the local area.