China News Service, Yulin, November 26th (Lin Yanhua thanks China) On the evening of November 25th, the opening ceremony of the 14th Guangxi "Charming Beibu Gulf" (Yulin) series of mass cultural activities in 2022, "Celebrating the 20th Great Endeavor and New Journey" The cultural evening will be held in Yulin City.

The evening party is divided into chapters such as "Beautiful Yulin", "The Wind Rises from the Beibu Gulf", "Revitalizing the Beibu Gulf", "Flying the Beibu Gulf" and "Forging a New Journey". The "Charming Beibu Gulf" mass cultural activities have achieved fruitful results.

Acrobatics "Climbing".

Photo by Tang Wenjia

  The "Charming Beibu Gulf" series of mass cultural activities is a regional mass cultural event brand created by Guangxi for the prosperity of mass culture in the region, and jointly organized by mass art museums in Beibu Gulf cities such as Nanning, Beihai, Qinzhou, and Fangchenggang.

Over the past 14 years, Guangxi Beibu Gulf City Mass Art Museum has strengthened exchanges and interactions, integrated resources, and developed together. From "regional linkage" to "national linkage" and "ASEAN linkage", Guangxi's "Charming Beibu Gulf" mass cultural brand has moved from Guangxi to the whole country, It radiates to ASEAN countries, and won the national "Star Project Award" at the 10th China Art Festival in 2013.

  A passionate opening song and dance "Beautiful Yulin" kicked off the performance of the cultural evening.

Accompanied by the melodious melody, the instrumental ensemble "Fisherman's Song" shows the scene of Jing fishermen in the Beibu Gulf of Guangxi going away in the morning light and returning in the sunset; The "Hakka Charm" of "Pearl Girl" shows the charm of Hakka culture with melodious singing and light dancing; a river runs through, Bagui opens to the sea, and the Maritime Silk Road continues to extend. Made for the times, passionately embraced the new era, and sang the joy of Bagui's sons and daughters realizing their dream of "connecting the river to the sea and prospering towards the sea".

Tian Qin played and sang "Sister Tian Qin".

Photo by Tang Wenjia

  At this year's opening ceremony gala, the list of winners for the original song singing activity of "Beautiful and Magnificent Guangxi" was also announced, and the award-winning songs "Beautiful Guests Go for a Walk" and "I'll Take You Fly in Zhuang Township" and other works were performed. .

  According to reports, this year's "Charming Beibu Gulf" event is co-sponsored by the Department of Culture and Tourism of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and the People's Government of Yulin City, and undertaken by Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Mass Art Museum, Yulin Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Yulin City Culture, Radio, Television, Sports and Tourism Bureau and other units , by holding more than ten activities such as cultural evenings, folk art performances, square dance performances, benefiting the people, art calligraphy and photography exhibitions, literary and artistic styles, expert lectures, paper awards, etc., fully demonstrate the innovation and development of mass culture in the six Beibu Gulf cities and even in Guangxi New achievements, presenting a beautiful and "delicious" cultural feast to the masses.