, Yulin, November 26th, title: "The world's trousers capital" life and death breakthrough: green transformation is popular in Europe and the United States

  Reporter Jiang Xuelin

  Fumian Town, Fumian District, Yulin City, located in the east of Nanning City, the capital of Guangxi, used to be an ordinary rural town. The town became world-famous overnight.

  In the early winter season, when you walk into this small town 8 kilometers away from the downtown area of ​​Yulin, you can see garment factories of all sizes everywhere. From the industrial section of Renmin West Road in Yulin City to Fumian District, the shop workers are busy Thread cutting, packing...

The picture shows the advanced manufacturing surface treatment base project of Yulin (Fumian) Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Industrial Park under construction.

  Ma Shoujiang, Director of the Management Committee of Fumian District Industrial Park, Yulin City, Guangxi, introduced that the textile industry in Fumian District started in the late 1970s. Fumian Textile Industry, which mainly processed jeans, had more than 1,600 garment enterprises at its peak. There are about 100,000 people, accounting for a quarter of the entire population of Fumian District.

  However, with the rapid expansion of the industrial scale, the gathering of a large number of garment enterprises has also brought enormous pressure to the environment of Fumian District, Yulin City.

With the prosperity of the garment processing industry, it is accompanied by the development of supporting industries such as washing.

Before the treatment, the 24 washing plants in Fumian District produced about 100,000 tons of sewage every day and discharged it to the Nanliu River.

  After a long period of accumulation of sewage, the once clear Nanliu River has become a "black water river" like "splashing ink".

Due to the deterioration of water quality, Nanliu River pollution was listed as one of the nine ecological and environmental damage accountability issues in Guangxi in the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate in 2016.

However, one out of four people in Fumian District is engaged in the textile industry. If 24 washing factories are closed, tens of thousands of people will lose their jobs.

The "pants capital of the world" faces a choice of life and death.

  Ma Shoujiang introduced that the central environmental protection inspector not only exerted pressure on Fumian District, but also gave birth to impetus.

Pollution control has become a difficult problem that the local party committee and government must solve.

In 2016, Fumian District introduced environmental protection enterprises to build Yulin (Fumian) Xintao Environmental Protection Industrial Park, implemented centralized pollution control, unified supply of water, electricity, gas, and heat, and discharged sewage up to standard. All 24 local washing plants were relocated to the park for development .

  This practice enabled the industry to realize transformation and upgrading after a period of labor pains in the "World Trousers Capital".

Ma Shoujiang introduced that the high-quality supply of environmental protection elements not only promotes the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry in Fumian District of Yulin City, but also attracts enterprises from the eastern coastal areas to transfer to the park, driving the rapid agglomeration of upstream and downstream industries.

  Taiwanese businessman Wu Miaogen took a fancy to this advantage and officially settled in Yulin (Fumian) Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Industrial Park in early 2019, hoping to open up new markets in Fumian District, Yulin City.

At present, Guangxi Jingji Zipper Co., Ltd. established by Wu Miaogen in Yulin City has been put into production.

  The park collects the production sewage of each enterprise and discharges it after unified treatment after reaching the standard, which meets the environmental protection requirements of the enterprise and reduces the pollution control cost of the enterprise. This is an important reason why Guangxi Jingji Zipper Co., Ltd. chose Yulin Fumian.

The picture shows the finished product inspection workshop of an enterprise in Yulin (Fumian) Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Industrial Park.

Photo by Jiang Xuelin

  With the increasing concentration of enterprises in the park, the original sewage treatment capacity and unified supply of water, electricity and steam in Yulin (Fumian) Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Industrial Park are gradually insufficient.

On September 5, 2019, Fumian District Government signed an agreement with Guangdong Haofeng Environmental Protection Group Co., Ltd., and the enterprise invested in the Yulin (Fumian) Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Industrial Park Advanced Manufacturing Surface Treatment Base Construction Project with a total investment of 11.9 billion yuan (RMB , the same below).

  Zhang Li, general manager of Yulin Project of Guangdong Haofeng Environmental Protection Group Co., Ltd., said in an interview with a reporter from China News Agency that Haofeng Environmental Protection Group complied with market demand and decided to take the lead in investing in the construction of sewage treatment plants, water supply plants, combined heat and power, and hazardous waste disposal centers in the park and other environmental comprehensive support facilities to comprehensively enhance the environmental protection and energy support capabilities of Yulin (Fumian) Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Industrial Park.

  Zhang Li said that after the project is completed and put into operation, the park's sewage treatment capacity and unified supply capacity of water, electricity, gas and heat will more than double.

The project will be built into a high-end green ecological circular economy industrial park, supporting emerging industries such as new electronic information, intelligent equipment, new energy vehicles, communication equipment, robot manufacturing, energy conservation and environmental protection, and realizing the in-depth development of the textile industry chain in Yulin City.

  Tension introduced that the project has invested 1 billion yuan so far, and the water supply plant (phase 1), printing and dyeing sewage treatment plant (phase 1) and combined heat and power (phase 1) will be put into operation before December 30 this year.

The picture shows the weaving workshop of an enterprise in Yulin (Fumian) Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Industrial Park.

Photo by Jiang Xuelin

  Ma Shoujiang said that the joining of Haofeng Environmental Protection Group has further made up for the shortcomings of Fumian Textile Industry's insufficient environmental protection and energy infrastructure, extended the industrial chain of the park to electroplating, and provided technology and technology for intelligent manufacturing such as circuit board processing in Guangxi. Environmental energy support.

The continuous improvement of the construction of Yulin (Fumian) Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Industrial Park has enabled Fumian textile industry to embark on a healthy and green development path.

  "The further improvement of the industrial chain has brought new vitality to the Fumian textile industry. At present, there are more than 2,800 textile and garment enterprises in Fumian District, with an annual output of 500 million pieces (sets) of clothing; an annual washing of 900 million pieces (sets) of clothing ; The annual accumulative production capacity of weaving is 116 million meters, and the annual production capacity of cylinder dyeing is 46,500 tons; the total output value of the garment industry is 29 billion yuan, and the industrial workers are about 30,000." Ma Shoujiang said.

  According to Ma Shoujiang, the jeans produced by Fumian are sold in large quantities to European and American countries.

The annual export volume of Fumian's textile and garment industry exceeds 1 billion yuan.

  The prosperity of Fumian's textile industry has also injected strong impetus into Fumian's rural revitalization.

Through the construction of the "park + key villages for rural revitalization" industrial and rural revitalization model, and through the integration of rural revitalization funds into the park's enterprise management and investment platforms, it helps key rural revitalization villages to increase village-level collective economic income, and achieves targeted employment for more than 1,000 poverty-stricken households nearby. , Promoting key villages in rural revitalization and poverty-stricken households to take the express train of Fumian economic development.