Sixt is offering electric cars from the leading Chinese car manufacturer BYD on a large scale.

As a first step, Germany's largest car rental company is ordering several thousand purely battery-powered vehicles, as both companies announced on Monday.

Sixt customers should be able to book the first vehicles in Europe in the next few weeks - starting in Germany, France, the Netherlands and Great Britain.

The SUV Atto 3 from BYD is the first.

Sixt plans to purchase around 100,000 more e-cars over the next six years.

Sixt and BYD did not comment on the financial volume of their long-term cooperation.

The partnership will give BYD ("Build Your Dreams") a powerful boost in the Chinese automaker's race for one of the top spots in European expansion.

The possibility of cooperation in different regions of the world is also being explored, the statement said.

To this day, BYD, Xpeng, Aiways, SAIC and other manufacturers from the Middle Kingdom that are hardly known in this country are feeling their way rather than flooding the market with electric vehicles.

In the meantime, however, the announcements are increasing.

The car manufacturer Nio wants to inform about its plans for Europe on Friday in Berlin.

Sixt intends to switch most of its rental car fleet in Europe to electric vehicles over the next eight years and, according to its own statements, will rely on a wide range of manufacturers and models.

By 2030, 70 to 90 percent of cars should be electric.