According to Moscow Exchange data cited by the Russian business consulting website, on October 3, the Moscow Exchange completed a total of 64,900 T+1 RMB/ruble transactions, with a transaction value of 70.3 billion rubles, and 29,500 USD/ruble transactions on the same day, with a transaction value of 68.2 billion rubles.

The trading volume of renminbi on the Moscow Exchange surpassed the US dollar for the first time, becoming the largest foreign currency traded on the exchange.

  The popular status of the Chinese yuan on the Moscow Exchange remained unchanged on October 4, with USD/RUB traded at 59.4 billion rubles (21,500 trades) and CNY/RUB at 63.9 billion rubles (46,000 trades) as of the close ), the ruble/EUR trade volume was only 47.3 billion rubles (18,500 transactions).

(Headquarters reporter Wang Bin)