Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner asked the federal states before the consultations on financing the planned relief to make their contribution to overcoming the crisis.

“You have to help each other.

But it is also not possible, if I may say so in all politeness, that the federal states simply implement coalition projects and achieve budget surpluses – and the federal government is in the deep red and has to do crisis management, ”said the FDP politician on ZDF on Tuesday - "Morning magazine".

"I think the citizens expect all levels of government to do their part to ensure that our country gets through these times without major damage."

During the consultations between the prime ministers and Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) in the afternoon, the focus will be on the design of the planned gas price brake, the financing of various other relief measures and the distribution of the costs of the sharp increase in the number of refugees.

Lindner slowed down in view of the desire of the federal states that the federal government give them additional billions to cover the refugee costs.

“There are tasks that are taken over by the federal states according to the Basic Law, such as the question of how refugees are accommodated, the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act.

Here you have to remember that there is this division between the federal and state governments," he said.

He again campaigned for a reduction in the cold progression in taxation.

This is an effect in which the automatic tax increase with wage increases means that in times of inflation, the bottom line is that the citizens have less money.

"Here I hope for a very quick agreement of the state levels," said Lindner.