Inflation has skyrocketed the price of food and the cost for families to

cook a weekly menu

has become significantly more expensive.

Making a potato omelette, for example, costs 30% more, some lentils for two people, 18.6% more and a paella, 13% and a stew, almost 14%.

These are just some examples of dishes that are cooked in any house and whose preparation costs more due to the higher cost of all the ingredients.


we have selected seven dishes, one for each day of the week


Basic recipes have been prepared, with the main ingredients and the total price has been calculated based on the quantities.

In all the recipes, olive oil has been used

, one of the products that has become more expensive

, 52.6%, going from 2.7 euros in May 2021 to 4.12 in May 2022, according to data from the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU), with the average price in supermarkets in May compared to the same month of the previous year.

Menu price hike.


tortilla, with onion


the case of the potato omelette

, Monday menu, for example, buying all the ingredients (in their proportions) cost 1.49 euros in May 2021 and in the same month this year they cost 1.93, 30, 2 more.

They have all become significantly more expensive.

You need 500 grams of potatoes, five eggs, 100 milliliters of olive oil and 60 grams of onion.

The former have gone from the 1.18 euros that a kilo cost in May 2021 to 1.24 euros in May this year, 5.1% more.

In the case of

eggs, a dozen have become 47% more expensive

(from 1.32 euros to 1.94), olive oil costs 52.6% more and onions are also 23% more expensive (from €1.27 to €1.57).

a cooked

Tuesday's meal,

a stew

for four people, is 13.8% more expensive,

going from five euros to 5.7 euros


It is the price of the proportions of the different ingredients: 300 grams of chickpeas, the same amount of beef, about 200 grams of carrot, black pudding, 30 milliliters of oil and chorizo.

In this case, meat is the most expensive product, going from nine euros per kilo to 10.86, 20.5% more.

The dishes that rise the least are, in theory, the least healthy, although homemade recipes have still been calculated.

A pizza, with homemade dough, costs almost 4% more, going from 3.23 euros to 3.35.

The recipe calls for flour, yeast, melted cheese, fried tomato and ham.

The most expensive in this case is flour,

which has gone from 0.5 euros to 0.75,


The lentils

Homemade lentils, in this case for two people,

cost 18.6% more: from 1.62 euros to 1.92 euros in a year.

In addition to oil, what goes up the most are lentils, 33% (from 1.4 euros to 1.87).

Chorizo ​​and carrot have also been used in the recipe.

In the case of the


hamburger ,

it is almost cheaper to eat it out,

since it costs 5.6 euros, 18% more (it was 4.8 euros in May 2021).

Hamburger bread (two slices), half a kilo of beef, onion, olive oil, lettuce and eggs have been used.

In addition to the increases in meat, eggs, and oil, already mentioned, there is an additional 8% more than lettuce is worth and 19% more than bread.


Weekend dishes (menestra for Saturday and paella on Sunday)

grew by 7% and 14%,


In the case of the vegetable stew, it is for four people, and it would include (frozen) peas, onion, beans, flour, eggs, spinach, cauliflower, oil and artichokes.

Proportions of between 200 and 300 grams have been chosen.

The total amounts to 4.38 euros per dish,

compared to just four euros a year earlier.

In the case of paella, the recipe is for five and comes out at 8.12 euros, one euro more than a year ago.

In addition to rice, green beans, chicken, rabbit, olive oil, natural tomato and salt have been used.

The price of paprika and saffron has not been included, since the OCU does not measure them.

The only ingredient that falls from those used in all recipes

is the cauliflower used in the preparation of the stew, which falls by 3.7%, going from 1.9 euros to 1.84.

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