There is a government system that measures odors from livestock farms in real time.

However, this system was infected with malware and used to mine coins, but no one knew about it for over 4 years.

This is the report by reporter Jang Min-seong.


At a ranch in Anseong, Gyeonggi-do, there is a facility installed on one side of the ranch entrance.

This equipment measures the concentration of odors such as ammonia generated in livestock farms in real time.

The measured information is transmitted to the Livestock Environment Management Center control system server.

It was installed in 719 livestock farms across the country for five years from 2017, and the government spent 6.15 billion won.

However, in October 2017, the first year of the project, the fact that the livestock odor management system server was infected with malicious code and used for coin mining was later revealed.

Incident analysis report.

The severity of the accident was indicated as 'high' among high, medium, and low, and in the damage history, it is written that malicious communication continuously occurred on the server due to the operation of the mining program.

Specifically, it was found that accounts infected with malware accessed the server from October 5 to 30, 2017, and communication between the compromised IP and the coin mining site took place on December 30, 2020.

However, it was stated that the related log was not stored before December 30, 2020, so it is not possible to know exactly when coin mining was performed, and it is assumed that communication was made before December 30, 2020.

The scale or subject of coin mining could not be revealed, but the problem is that no one knew about this fact for 4 years and 5 months.

In March, the National Intelligence Service discovered the malicious code infection and notified the Livestock Environment Management Service, which operates the system, before starting the analysis of the accident.

[ Seungnam

Kim / Member of National Assembly Agriculture, Forestry and Maritime Affairs: (Security accident) It is necessary to accurately identify the cause and clarify the responsibility for managers for poor management (necessary)]

At the same time, he said that he would strengthen security training and monitoring.

(Video coverage: Kang Dong-cheol, Yang Doo-won, Kim Nam-seong, video editing: Kim Ho-jin)