not only 64-year-old Sergio Balbinot is leaving the Allianz board of directors

, but also 58-year-old Ivan de la Sota?

The insurer is using the departures to reduce its board of directors from eleven to nine members and to place all key control functions with CFO Giulio Terzariol.

The financial supervisory authority Bafin had pushed for this after Allianz employees had misinformed customers in the USA about the risks of their funds.

Hanno Mussler

Editor in Business.

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Dirk Müller-Tronnier

, who set up the bank audit for EY, left this auditing company "due to age" after 35 years and became self-employed?

Joachim Häger, who

moved from Deutsche Bank to the Franco-German bank Oddo-BHF in July 2016 as a board member for private customers, has extended his contract by three years?

Carsten Bittner

, previously a divisional manager at Commerzbank, was appointed to the board of the Dutch bank ABN Amro?

with Caiz Development

, a fintech that relies on blockchains saved Frankfurt from embarrassment?

Because it was only with Caiz that the sponsor found who would raise the maintenance costs of 200,000 euros a year for the often photographed symbol of the financial center: for the euro sculpture, which stands centrally between the ECB and the opera and which was already threatened with auctioning.