China News Agency, Changsha, October 1 (Reporter Tang Xiaoqing) This year's "November" small holiday, Henan native Lin Hao who works in Changsha chose a novel play plan.

He organized more than 20 cycling "enthusiasts" to carry out the "Architecture Riding View" activity, and felt the cultural charm of Changsha's ancient streets and ancient buildings during the ride.

  "Walking too slowly, driving too fast, and riding a bicycle to visit a city will not miss the beautiful scenery. Our cycling route runs through the ancient streets and buildings of Changsha Chaozong Street, Duzheng Street, Jia Yi's Former Residence, and Tianxin Pavilion. "Lin Hao said.

  Parkour, Lu Chong, Frisbee, cycling, kayaking, flag football... These exciting and fashionable emerging sports are rapidly gaining popularity among young Chinese, and have spawned new tourism formats.

  According to the "2022 "November" Holiday Travel Trend Report released by Tongcheng Travel, various light outdoor sports such as Frisbee, flag football, paddle board, cycling, and kayaking have become popular experience items for young tourists.

The "2022 National Day Forecast Report" released by Ctrip also shows that the recent search popularity of Frisbee, kayak, and cycling day trip products has increased by 50%, 74% and 80% respectively.

  "Many cities have launched cycling-themed routes during the holidays based on their own tourism characteristics. Cyclists in Beijing said that this year's National Day, local travel agencies have launched customized products with the theme of 'Looking for Beijing Tastes in Hutongs' and 'Peking Opera Roots Journey'." Lin Hao Say.

  In the Yangtze River Delta region, new city sports have also become a leisure choice for people's holidays.

The "Water Wonders" tour series in Shanghai Fengxian, Qingpu and other destinations are popular on Donkey Mom Travel Network because they include kayaking competitions and dragon boat group competitions.

"Peripheral travel products containing fashionable sports have become the new favorites of high-frequency tourists. This year's National Day, the order volume of popular travel products such as kayaks and Frisbees has increased by more than 20% year-on-year." Zou Qingling, CEO of Lvmama said.

  Many travel platforms have also launched products with trendy gameplay in a timely manner to respond to the needs of young groups.

"On the large and small lakes in Chengdu, paddle boarding has been out of the loop. I invited 5 friends to play." "Post-90s" He Qin ordered super hot paddle boarding online.

  She said that according to different board types, businesses have created new ways of playing paddle board yoga, paddle board fishing, climbing paddle boards, meditation, etc., and even played golf and Frisbee on the paddle board.

"The freshness and youthfulness of paddleboarding attracts a large number of young people to enjoy it, and some even bring their pets to play with."

  The New City Movement is unlocking a new way of urban life in China with a new attitude of diversity, youth and fun, and has become a new life trend and a new consumption growth point in the city.

On major social platforms, Frisbee, flag football, paddle board, etc. have become hot words, as well as various gameplay strategies.

  A number of experts interviewed by reporters said that the rise of the new city movement means that more people have come into contact with and love sports lifestyles, and it is also inseparable from the promotion of livable, travelable and sports-friendly cities across China.

In addition to driving the development of venue service industry, sports training industry and sporting goods manufacturing industry, New City Sports is also developing a community road belonging to the sports industry with the help of the Internet. ".

  "Sports such as urban cycling, paddle board, frisbee, etc. are easy to learn, highly social, suitable for taking pictures, and the venue is not limited. They are becoming the new favorites of local tourism. The participation of more women has also led to new urban sports. Trend." Zou Qingling said that new consumption scenarios and new social gameplay related to the new city movement will continue to heat up.