A "rabbit" sparked years of lawsuits!

This well-known chocolate maker wins the case!

  German retail giant Lidl was sued by Lindt in 2018 because the shape of a chocolate was very similar to that of the rabbit chocolate from the well-known Swiss chocolate producer "Liddell". Just recently, the Swiss Supreme Court ruled in favor of Lindt, asking Lidl stopped selling the product in Switzerland and had to destroy all related stocks.

  The Swiss Supreme Court has held that the shape of Lindt's bunny chocolate should be protected by law from imitations.

It is reported that Lindt 1952 launched the bunny chocolate wrapped in gold leaf, tied with red bows and bells. It has a history of 70 years and is one of its best-selling products.

  And German supermarket chain Lidl's own-brand rabbit chocolates are shaped like green bows and bells.

The court said Lindt's rabbits were very familiar to the public and that, despite the differences between the two products, there was a potential for confusion to consumers.

  More than 20 years ago, in 2001, Lindt received European trademark protection for Rabbit Chocolate, and has since filed numerous lawsuits against competitors over the product's color, posture and shape.

Lindt's lawsuit against Lidl began in 2018 when Lindt filed a lawsuit in a Swiss district court, but it was dismissed last year.

In the end, the lawsuit reached the Swiss Supreme Court, and Lindt won the case.

As for the food waste caused by the destruction of inventory, the court pointed out that it was the product, not the chocolate itself, that was destroyed, and implicitly stated that these chocolates could be melted and made into other shapes for sale.