According to a plan that extends over a specified period of time

"Tourist Guides": We aim to localize the profession by 100%

  • The recovery of tourism positively affects all other sectors.

    Photography: Ahmed Ardeti

  • Jassim Al Bastaki: "The association discovered that there are a number of national tourist cadres who speak several languages."


The Vice Chairman of the Emirates Tour Guides Association, Jassim Al Bastaki, said that the association aims to completely localize the profession of tourist guides in the country by 100%, indicating that the association is currently developing a plan and strategy that includes a specific time period to fully localize the profession.

Al Bastaki added in a webinar organized by the UAE Embassy in the Sultanate of Oman, that the association is working to facilitate the practice of Emiratis in the profession of tourism guidance, pointing out that the association discovered the presence of a number of national tourist cadres who speak several languages ​​besides “English”, such as French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean and others. .

He stressed that the UAE tour guide is the best representative of his country and plays an important role in promoting the country's tourism, especially as it gives tourist information from the reality of heritage and the reality in which he lives.

Al Bastaki stated that there are many countries in the world that do not give a license to practice the profession of tourist guides except to those who hold their nationality.

He pointed out that the recovery of tourism positively affects all other sectors of the economy, especially aviation, hotel, transportation, communications, retail trade and employment.

Al Bastaki indicated that the prosperity of tourism in the UAE is driven by several factors, most notably security and stability, as well as the good relations that the UAE enjoys with various countries, in addition to the history, archeology and culture of excellent treatment of tourists.

He pointed to the advanced infrastructure in the UAE, in addition to making use of social media to create marketing and promotional content for the country.

He pointed out that the UAE in general, and Dubai in particular, was able to use modern methods to attract tourists, especially during the “Corona” pandemic, and even today, as it used artificial intelligence to increase the number of visitors by targeting people looking for distinct tourist destinations through electronic platforms and social media. In addition to the development of medical tourism and education tourism, as its universities have become a destination for students from all over the world, in addition to supporting shopping tourism festivals and conference and exhibition tourism.

global destination

Jassim Al Bastaki, Vice Chairman of the Emirates Tourist Guides Association, said that the UAE is among the 10 fastest growing tourist destinations in the world, according to the World Tourism Organization, and the tourism sector is one of the main drivers of the economy and economic development.

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