On September 27, the "China Fuyuxiang Super Collector's Club" initiated by Jiuguijiu Company was established in Changsha, the star city.

  Liu Zhenguo, Deputy Secretary-General of China Alcoholic Drinks Association, and Zheng Yi, Vice Chairman and General Manager of Jiugui Liquor Co., Ltd. attended the conference. Super collectors from senior liquor operators, cross-border entrepreneurs, well-known collectors, investment experts and other fields gathered together. Changsha, to witness the important moment together.

  Zheng Yi pointed out in his speech that Jiuguijiu, as the creator of Fuyuxiang liquor and the leader of the industry category, the establishment of "China Fuyuxiang Super Collectors Club" is the joint creation of Chinese Fuyuxiang by Jiuguijiu and national liquor collectors. An important move of the liquor collection value system is a strategic action to jointly sublimate the Hunan culture and enhance the value of Hunan liquor.

  "In my heart, on the journey of Jiuguijiu's rich fragrance and cultural wine, every product is worth remembering, worthy of collection, and worthy of appreciation." Zheng Yi expects that Jiuguijiu Company will work with old wine collectors to continuously forge cultural Jiugui The collection value of wine constantly sublimates the cultural attributes and spiritual core of Jiuguijiu, creates super cultural items, and makes Jiuguijiu and Neijingjiu the most collectible brand models.

  At the inaugural meeting of the club, the leaders and collector representatives participated in the inauguration ceremony of the "China Fuyu Fragrance Super Collectors Club".

The fragrant golden powder slowly flows out from the wine bottle, which symbolizes the countless golden years in the fragrant aroma of the wine.

  Well-known liquor collectors Zeng Yu, Chen Lianmao, Liao Xinqi, Zhu Chunguang, Zhu Jun, Yang Zhendong and other 28 members of the first batch of China Fuyuxiang Super Collectors Club are jointly certified by the China Liquor Industry Association Famous Liquor Collection Professional Committee and Jiugui Liquor Company.

Liu Haipo, Secretary General of the Professional Committee of Famous Wine Collection of China Alcoholic Drinks Association, Li Wensheng, Deputy General Manager of Jiugui Liquor Company, and Wang Zhe, Deputy General Manager of Jiugui Liquor Company, awarded certificates to members.

  "Today's grand event has brought warmth, excitement, and excitement to our hearts, and it has brought forward the direction of each of our collections." Chairman of Jiangsu Liquor Collection Professional Committee , Chinese old wine collector, Fu Yuxiang super collector Zhang Jibin said in his speech that it is a very honorable thing to participate in this inaugural meeting. Collectors should have a sincere awe, incomparable love and dedication to wine. have.

The fragrant fragrance will definitely generate infinite reverie in the minds of all Chinese liquor collectors, and Jiugui Liquor will definitely have a fruitful year.

  Liu Zhenguo delivered a speech at the inaugural meeting, pointing out that Jiuguijiu originated the fragrant aroma of Chinese liquor. Over the years, it has a large number of fans with firm support in the market, and has been highly valued and loved by collectors.

China Fuyuxiang Super Collectors Club provides a platform for in-depth interaction between products and consumers, "Today, we meet because of alcoholic liquor. It is of great significance to explore the history, culture and heritage of Fuyuxiang old wine, which is also a alcoholic. A gathering of the tension and energy of a wine brand.”

  Liu Zhenguo said that in the future, the China Alcoholic Drinks Association will strongly support and deeply participate in various activities of the China Fuyuxiang Super Collector Club, and together with Jiuguijiu, lead members to actively promote the Chinese liquor culture, and strengthen the confidence in the quality and craftsmanship of Chinese liquor. , Cultural confidence!

  China Fragrance Super Collector will also be hired as China Fragrance Appreciation Ambassador, super VIP member of "Jiuguijiu Sanyanquan" Cultural Park, enjoy the distinguished services of Sanyanquan Cultural Tourism, and their collections can be stationed in the "Jiuguijiu Culture and Art Center" "The hall is displayed independently, and at the same time enjoys the exclusive product subscription rights of the China Fuyuxiang Super Collector Club.

  Jiuguijiu will work with collectors and people from all walks of life to create a value evaluation system for fragrant-flavor liquor tasting, wine appreciation, wine appreciation, and wine storage, and establish a standardized and professional fragrant-flavor old wine appraisal knowledge system for consumers. Provide a variety of choices, promote the traditional culture of Chinese liquor, and promote the innovative and high-quality development of the Chinese liquor industry.